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what do you say when you're out of spoons?

fork it.

Why do spoons live such diverse lives?

They like to mix it up.

What are the spookiest sounds?


Spoo joke, What are the spookiest sounds?

Spooning leads to forking

But if you fork the wrong dish, you could get knifed.

What is the spookiest day of the year?

November 8th.

A spoonerist walks into the bathroom section of Home Depot

and asks one of the employees where he can get a rub and tug.

" I don't have a spoon"

" Well I don't have a punchline"

Spoo joke, " I don't have a spoon"

Spook me once shame on me. Spook me twice...

That's 2 spooky 4 me.

Why didn't the spoon beat up the fork?

He had good sporksmanship.

I was spooning my girlfriend the other night...

guess that makes us a pair of cuddelery.

Is saying "yes yes" spooky?


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What does a spoon hate to see when driving?

A fork in the road

What did the spoon dress up as to the Halloween party?

A cereal killer.

What did the spoon say to the knife.

It's knife to meet you. You wanna fork.

The knife then says, I can't there's to much on my plate.

What does my spooky corn come off of?


What does little spoon says to big spoon?

What soup?

Spoo joke, What does little spoon says to big spoon?

The spooky makeup

What is the spookiest make-up?


What is the spookiest body of water?

Lake Erie.

What is the spookiest plant this month?


What is the spookiest car?

BOOgatti veyron


Why did the spoon go to the dentist?

It had a concavity.

A spooky dead guy's favorite alcohol?


Being that it's Spooktober

I'm shocked that nobody said bust a Slimer

Spooky memes at the first week of October where dead.

And now that that they're back, they are UNDEAD.

Spooning with the GF this morning...

and she says to me, "Am I the little spoon?"

I said "No, you're more like the cake tin."

Didn't go down well.


leads to forking

Spoons are the kindest eating utensils

When you wash them, they wash you back

What's the spookiest kind of cheese?

Scream cheese.

Why did the spoon agree with the knife?

Because the knife actually had a point.

Spooky Joke

How do vampire's start all of their letters?

Tomb it may concern

Why did the spoon come to the party dressed as a knife?

The invitation said to look sharp.

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