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Where's the spoon?

A man is sitting in a restaurant and calls the waiter over.

Man: Try the soup.

Waiter: What is wrong with the soup? Is it too salty?

Man: Just try the soup.

Waiter: Is the soup too hot?

Man: Just try the soup!

Waiter: Is the soup too cold?


Waiter: Fine. Where's the spoon?

Man: That's the problem.


Spoon in the pocket

Heard this one at work today:

A married couple are sitting down at dinner when the waiter comes up to their table and asks what they would like to eat. The wife and the husband both order a soup, but before leaving the wife notices a spoon in the waiter's shirt pocket, and he walks away before she gets a chance to ask. The waiter comes back with the soups, and the wife asks the waiter "Why is there a spoon in your pocket?". The waiter replies "Well Ma'am, studies show that the spoon is the number one utensil that gets dropped on the floor, so management figured that if we keep a back-up spoon in your shirt pocket, that it would be quicker to replace it that way it saves a trip." The wife says "Alright that makes sense." The waited says he'll be back in just a moment, it is at this point the wife notices a string coming out of the waiter's zipper area. The waiter comes back to see if everything is alright, and then the wife asks "Why is there a string coming out of your crotch?" The waiter replies "Well when we go to the bathroom, we use the string to pull our penis out so that why we don't have to wash our hands." The wife replies "Well, that makes sense I suppose, but how do you get it back into your pants?" The waiter replies "Well, I don't know what everyone else does, but I use a spoon."


Two spoons...

A man and his wife were seated in a restaurant, when the man noticed that all the waiters carried two spoons in their vest pocket.

Curious, the man asked their waiter the reason for this.

"Well, sir," the waiter explained, "an efficiency study conducted by the management determined that the most frequently dropped silverware item is a spoon. Therefore, all waiters carry two spoons so that the item can be instantly replaced."

As the waiter was offering the explanation to the couple, they noticed there was a string hanging out of the fly of his pants.

"What about that?" the man asked, discreetly pointing to the string.

"That, sir, is the result of another efficiency study." the waiter replied.

"When we need to go to the bathroom, we use the string to pull ourselves out and aim. Therefore, we do not have to stop to wash our hands."

"I understand how you can get yourself out and aim," the man said, "but how do you go about getting yourself back in?"

"I don't know about the other waiters, sir," the waiter replied, "but I use the two spoons!"


What did the spoon dress up as to the Halloween party?

A cereal killer.


Why do spoons live such diverse lives?

They like to mix it up.


I was spooning my girlfriend the other night...

guess that makes us a pair of cuddelery.


What does a spoon hate to see when driving?

A fork in the road


Is saying "yes yes" spooky?



Spooning leads to forking

But if you fork the wrong dish, you could get knifed.


what do you say when you're out of spoons?

fork it.


Spook me once shame on me. Spook me twice...

That's 2 spooky 4 me.


What are the spookiest sounds?



" I don't have a spoon"

" Well I don't have a punchline"


What does little spoon says to big spoon?

What soup?


What did the spoon say to the knife.

It's knife to meet you. You wanna fork.

The knife then says, I can't there's to much on my plate.


What does my spooky corn come off of?




People generally like spooning in bed with an other individual. I think that's highly overrated thing. Instead, you should try silver spooning with someone. That's the real shit.


Original limerick...Nantucket style (NSFW)

There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose dick was so long he could suck it
When he went to bed he gave himself head
And spit all the spoo in a bucket


What is the spookiest day of the year?

November 8th.


A spooky dead guy's favorite alcohol?



Being that it's Spooktober

I'm shocked that nobody said bust a Slimer


Why did the spoon go to the dentist?

It had a concavity.


What is the spookiest car?

BOOgatti veyron



What is the spookiest plant this month?



Spooky memes at the first week of October where dead.

And now that that they're back, they are UNDEAD.


What is the spookiest body of water?

Lake Erie.


Spooning with the GF this morning...

and she says to me, "Am I the little spoon?"

I said "No, you're more like the cake tin."

Didn't go down well.


I spooned out my eyes.

Now I can't rape a Feminist by looking at them!


You like spooning with your partner?

I would forking her.


Does a spoonful of sugar

make the insulin go down?


A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

unless your a diabetic.


If Spooning leads to Forking, what does Knifing lead to?



The spooky makeup

What is the spookiest make-up?



Why can't spooky skeletons cross the road?

No guts.


Who took the spoopy from the spoopy jar?

mr skeltal


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