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I have a condition where I spontaneously tell jokes at random times

I think it's a gag reflex.

Why can't one doctor spontaneously become two doctors?

Because that would be a paradox.

'Doctor, I keep spontaneously singing songs by The Who'

'How long has this been happening?'

'Ever since I was a young boy…'

Spontaneously joke, 'Doctor, I keep spontaneously singing songs by The Who'

I saw a cow spontaneously catch on fire the other day

Guess you could call it a rare experience

Some quantum physicists play twister at a party

Later that day, one of them spontaneously flattens and three seconds later the other is hit by a car: they were still entangled.

Where did socially awkward Nazis get sent?

To the conversation camp!

(That was a part of my shower thoughts and popped spontaneously into my mind)

What do you call a spontaneous man named Lee?


Spontaneously joke, What do you call a spontaneous man named Lee?

My sister when through a phase where she spontaneously split down the middle making two identical copies. Now they are...

My one Sis and Mitosis.

Mary Spontaneously Combusted...

Now everyone calls her Incendimary.

Tough choice in Florida governor's race...

Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are standing at opposite ends of a theater when both men spontaneously burst into flames and there's only one fire extinguisher in the entire building!

Where would you hide the fire extinguisher?

Did you hear about the guy who spontaneously combusted?

He was arrested shorty after for waving a fire arm.

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What do you call a cat that spontaneously transformed into a dolphin?

One poor puss.

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