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The wife and I walked passed a swanky, expensive restaurant last night.

She said "The aroma of their cooking from there is absolutely gorgeous"

Being a spontaneous sort of guy, I thought I would treat her. So I turned her around and we walked past it again.

The girl I met last week said she wanted a guy who was "funny and spontaneous"

I showed up at her kitchen window late at night wearing a clown suit and suddenly it's all panic and screaming...

'Doctor, I keep spontaneously singing songs by The Who'

'How long has this been happening?'

'Ever since I was a young boy…'

Spontaneous joke, 'Doctor, I keep spontaneously singing songs by The Who'

My friends' girlfriend gets diagnosed with cancer..

He proposed to her on the spot. See ladies, it's not that men can't be spontaneous and romantic, we just don't like long term commitment

My wife told me to be more spontaneous and funny...

But she was all screaming and tears, when I banged on the kitchen window dressed in a clown outfit!

This woman I met last night says she wants a guy who is "spontaneous and fun".

Yet when I tapped on the kitchen window uninvited late at night dressed as a clown it is all panic and screaming.

Flashing is such a harsh term

I prefer spontaneous gender reveal party .

Spontaneous joke,  Flashing  is such a harsh term

I used to date a psychic, but she broke up with me.

She said I wasn't spontaneous enough.

My wife is leaving me because I'm noisy, bulimic, and get spontaneous erections...

She said I can't keep it down.

Girls say they want a guy who is funny and spontaneous, but...

when I tap on the window late at night dressed as a clown, they scream and call the cops.

What do you call a spontaneous man named Lee?


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What do you call a spontaneous fish that loves new-age techno?

Carp EDM

Nothing warms my heart...

...quite like spontaneous combustion

I went on a spontaneous trip to Africa

It was just a whim away.

Why did the watermelon and the honeydew decide to cancel their spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas?

They realized with a family like theirs, they really Cantaloupe.

I once dated a girl who died because of spontaneous human combustion.

She was pretty hot.

Spontaneous joke, I once dated a girl who died because of spontaneous human combustion.

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