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  1. William Shatner is going to sponsor a new line of women's jeans made to hide adult diapers underneath. They're going to be called Shatner Pants.
  2. Knock Knock Who's there?


    Lettuce who?

    Lettuce pause this joke for a word from our sponsor, Raid shadow Legends
  3. For some reason the Pope didn't... sponsor my program for terminally ill Chinese children. He said he didn't like the name - What's wrong with "Youth in Asia"???
  4. Politicians should be required to dress like nascar drivers. With patches all over their suits telling us who their sponsors are.
  5. No one is sure how much it cost Coke to sponsor the Paralympics, but it undoubtedly cost an arm and a leg.
  6. If I had a dollar every time someone called me sexist... I'd have enough money to sponsor the repealing of the 19th Amendment.
  7. I've just had some great news. Financially I am going to be $3. per month better off.
    The boy I was sponsoring in Africa has just been eaten by a Lion.
  8. Madonna is talking with the Spice Girls Says she wants to sponsor a reunion tour so long as she can join them. The girls agree to condition. They call her Old Spice.
  9. My cousins asked me to sponsor them in a charity race. Boy did they give me a run for my money.
  10. How many YouTubers does it take to change a lightbulb? Calm down, I'll tell you. But first, a word from our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends!

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  1. My financial situation is so bad... ...I'm being sponsored by a child in Africa.
  2. Apparently Tucker Carlson is starting a new band Rage sponsored by the machine
  3. My old school was sponsored by IKEA... Assembly took ages.
  4. Chris Brown is going on tour this year! He'll be sponsored by Black & Decker.
  5. A YouTuber becomes a doctor... This surgery is sponsored by Blue Apron!
  6. Get your free tetanus shot today at your local junkyard! Sponsored by Pfizer and Toyota.
  7. Kevin Durant should be sponsored by Old Spice. He can have his own scent: Deo-Durant.
  8. My AA sponsor told me to stay away from places where I used to drink I just sold my car.
  9. My kid was dying to go on our trip to Disneyland sponsored by Make-A-Wish.
  10. What brand of medicine sponsored a boxer? Muhammad Aleve
  11. This post is sponsored by Uncle Tom's rice. It's like Uncle Ben's, but a bit more racist
  12. When a local Savings & Loan sponsors a foot race is it called a "Bank Run?"
  13. Who's Mario's biggest sponsor? Yahoo.
  14. The anti-vax movement just got its first clothing sponsor Polio Ralph Lauren
  15. A-cup bra's. The unofficial sponsor of the Olympics

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  • I heard the Toronto Maple Leafs now have the milk board as their sponsor. Now they only have to put in 2% of the effort.
  • I'm so happy that my financial situation has finally improved. I just found out the African boy I've been sponsoring has been eaten by a lion.
  • When my mom asked me to sponsor her Run for The Cure, I was surprised. I'd thought The Cure had done quite well for themselves.
  • Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water... ...however if you sponsor Jack and Jill for just $2 a month, we can build a well with clean water right in their village.
  • The Olive Garden should sponsor The Fast and Furious franchise. Because when you are there, you are Family.
  • I'm proud to say that I sponsor a kid in Africa. I feed clothe and educate him all for less than 30 cents a day! That's peanuts when compared to what it cost to send him there
  • "We're happy to announce NASA's newest mission will allow us to LITERALLY touch our own Sun!" "Before we continue, please welcome our strangely-excited sponsors, the Catholic Church!"
  • As compensation for their appalling behaviour, United Airlines are going to sponsor a lot more community sports and activities Their first project will be Drag Racing
  • PETA sponsored a new hot spot to get money from partying rich and famous animal lovers. It closed after one week. Apparently "Club Baby Seals" wasn't a good name for it.
  • I used to sponsor some kid in Africa At least until I realized I could get a daily cup of coffee for the same price
Sponsored joke, I used to sponsor some kid in Africa

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My girlfriend and I were shopping today. We saw that t**... had designed Olympic sponsored Condoms? I told here we had to buy some...

What's so special about them?
They have 3 colors: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
And what color are you going to wear tonight?
Gold, obviously!
Why not Silver? It'd be great if you could come second for a change.

I organised a day of sponsored bungee jumping for the local disabled group...

Perhaps calling it s**... on elastic' wasn't one of my greatest ideas...

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be good enough at skating, biking, surfing, or running to be chosen to represent a brand like Nike, Red Bull, or Under Armour. Recently the pandemic has allowed me to double down on recreation and hone my craft, and I finally got a sponsor.

Thanks Alcoholics Anonymous!

The Washington r**...' stadium being sponsored by FedEx makes a lot of sense.

Neither delivers on Sundays.

Sponsored joke, I'm so happy that my financial situation has finally improved.