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Why can't Spongebob make the honor roll?

Because he's a C sponge!

Why couldn't Spongebob get a mortgage?

Because his house was underwater.


Wait, I just realised something. SpongeBob lives in bikini bottom, and he's absorbent: oh no...

Spongebob joke, SpongeBob

I got my family banned from playing Family Feud today.

The category was "Describe your sex life with a Spongebob quote"

and apparently "ARE YOU READY KIDS?" was not the right answer.

My wife has been mad at me lately because she says I need to get my priorities straight...

I told her we can talk about it after this episode of Spongebob.

Can someone explain why the caveman SpongeBob memes are funny?

Serious question not a joke

What do SpongeBob and LeBron James have in common?

They both hit the deck and flop like a fish.

Spongebob joke, What do SpongeBob and LeBron James have in common?

My friend doesn't like being called Squidward.

He told me, "But I hate SpongeBob..."
I said, "That's the spirit!"

What do you call a snail on a ship?

A snailor

(My nephew is watching Spongebob please send help my brain cells are leaving one by one)

Why is the show called SpongeBob when...

Patrick is the star. Hurr durr. Tee-hee.

What do you call a vampire whose car breaks down three miles from a blood bank?

A cab

Cred: Spongebob, my role model

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I call my Asian friend Spongebob

Because he's yellow and can't drive

I recently found a TV show about 2 best friends, their angry neighbour and a rival restaurant.

God, I love Spongebob.

Explain your sex life using only SpongeBob quotes

I'll start: "are ya ready kids?"

Seems like ISIS has a new driving teacher


Why does Anakin dislike Spongebob Squarepants?

He finds Sandy course and irritating.

Spongebob joke, Why does Anakin dislike Spongebob Squarepants?

If SpongeBob is absorbent and lives in bikini bottom

then I'm pretty sure that makes him a tampon

(Told by a 7 year old reading me a joke off of her SpongeBob Gogurt) "What is Plankton's grandma's favorite type of pudding?"

"Not labeled for individual sale!!!!!"

Spongebob was the most unrealistic kid's show

A teenager in a minimum wage job owning a house and car. Pfft

I went up to a man and asked him to describe his sex life in one spongebob quote

He responded with Are you ready kids?

It would make sense if Spongebob was homeless in real life

Because who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Spongebob might be the main character

But Patrick is the real star.

I bought a life size 3d model of plankton from spongebob.

4days later I got an empty box full of bubble wrap. I still don't know where plankton is.

Why is Spongebob the main character

When Patrick is clearly the star?

What does SpongeBob say when he's angry?

I square to god!

Rain drop, drop top

Spongebob still waiting at the bus stop

Is this the smooth clam?

No this is spongebob.

What's the difference between George H.W Bush and Stephen Hillenberg?

One created a childish cartoon character that dominated TV screens in the 2000s, and the other one created Spongebob.

I heard that Stevn Hillburg died...

I guess it's time to change the theme song for Spongebob.


A bunch of Nickelodeon characters go dancing, what do they nickname the best dancer?

Spongebob SquareDance

What do you call Spongebob with a brand deal?


My girlfriend: Oh baby I want you to tease me.

Me: Plays three seconds of the SpongeBob Sweet Victory clip.

My Girlfriend: Oooh you dirty tease!

I went diving with a bunch of laundry.

It was wrapped in a waterproof bag. I went in to gaze at the beautiful sealife. When I went back to the surface I noticed some of my clothes were missing.

Let's see I had 8 shirts, 2 socks, and 9 pants prior to diving and now I have 8 shirts, 2 socks, and 3 pants.

My friend asked me

Did you see SpongeBob SquarePants?

Message to SpongeBob:

You live in Bikini Bottom, and you're super absorbant...

Face it; you're a tampon

My kid just asked me 'Why doesn't Spongebob have his own day like his friend does?'

Saint Patrick's Day.......

Call my getaway driver spongebob

Because he never miss a shift

So I was rewatching old seasons of spongebob and found this joke

Spongebob: *changes his shape to look like Texas*

Also Spongebob: hey Patrick what do I look like

Patrick: stupid

Spongebob: no I'm Texas

Patrick: what's the difference

*both laugh*
(I thought this might be relevant considering the mess in Texas right now about abortion, so here's a spongebob joke)

How come Spongebob is the main character?

When Patrick is the star.

Patrick of SpongeBob SquarePants is probably the most clueless character on TV.

It seems like he lives under a rock.

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