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Well, OJ has been paroled.

The spokesperson for the parole board that granted him his new freedom said they "decided to give him another stab at it."

What do you call someone who's representing a bike shop?

A spokesperson.

Johnson & Johnson have hired Eminem as a celebrity spokesperson for their COVID vaccine.

Because you only get one shot.

Spokesperson joke, Johnson & Johnson have hired Eminem as a celebrity spokesperson for their COVID vaccine.

A Chicken tried out to be the new spokesperson for Chick-Fil-A

Unfortunately, she didn't meat egg-spectations.

(I'm not sorry)

I think my work is boring and not challenging enough...

I think it's time to apply for a United Airlines Spokesperson position!

A bunch of girls in the local collage went the Bra-less feminist way

Their spokesperson said to the local media : "Yes we know we don't have much support, but word's out that the Male students appreciate the movement "

In continuing attempts to reduce the worlds CO2 emissions, top scientists have found a way to make cars run on Parsley...

A spokesperson for the group has stated that they are now doubling their efforts to make trains run on Thyme.

Spokesperson joke, In continuing attempts to reduce the worlds CO2 emissions, top scientists have found a way to make c

The spokesperson for the National organisation against impotence got up to the podium...

...And proclaimed "This will not stand!"

Guy calls a bicycle wheel company

Says, "I'd like to speak to your spokesperson"

Pranking the police

A couple of pranksters broke into the local police station and stole all the lavatory equipment.

A spokesperson was quoted as saying, "We have absolutely nothing to go on."

What do you call a bicyclist advocate?

A spokesperson

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Police responded to a call outside the Playboy mansion.

Mr. Hefner called the police to remove a group of monks selling daisies out of an illegal roadside stand in front of the Playboy mansion. A police spokesperson released a statement "we responded promptly to Mr. Hefner's call because as everybody knows, only Hugh can prevent florist friars."

Being the spokesperson for BJ's or Dick's must be a pretty hard job.

*difficult job

What do you call a bike tire salesman?

A spokesperson.

Which female rapper is the spokesperson for Colgate toothpaste?

Clean Ma-teefa

I'm moving up in my job as a bike mechanic

I've been promoted to spokesperson

Spokesperson joke, I'm moving up in my job as a bike mechanic

I can't believe they're still using that guy as a Subway spokesperson!

Robert Griffen III is terrible!

I have been climbing up the corporate ladder in my job at the bike factory.

I was just promoted to be the spokesperson.

Batman is the new spokesperson for the pork ad campaign

Got Ham?

We should all be thanking Subway for their humanitarian efforts this holiday season... their former spokesperson, Jared, touched many children...

They've just found Sala, the Cardiff city players plane in the sea and when asked how they're raising it a spokesperson said...

Back of the net!

What did the spokesperson for the allergy medicine company say during the fire?

This has not Benadryl

They say that United can't make it any worse for themselves

"Hold my beer" - United Spokesperson

The guy who built my bicycle wheels also does commercials for the shop.

He's a spokesperson.

Eric Clapton Announced as new spokesperson Apple's music production suite Logic.

That guy sure hates Windows.

Trump stakes to resume business with Kayne West as the spokesperson.

There will even be a new dish, Kayne Asada.

The pro life people should get Ja Rule to be their spokesperson.

It's murder!

Do you think Jared from Subway

will still be a spokesperson for foot long subs in prison? 😏

The International Weavers Union has released a report that membership is at an all-time low.

A union spokesperson called the situation a looming crisis.

Did you hear about the psychic dwarf that escaped prison transport?

The police spokesperson said they have a small medium at large.

A new bike company says it has the best wheels in the world.

According to their spokesperson.

So on wheel of fortune ...

On wheel of fortune, the spokesperson interviews each person standing by their game position. the spokesperson gets to the last contestant and asks: "what is your name?"
this woman was a large, black, and chubby chick.
she replies "Treasure."
a man in the crowd whispers to his friend 'wanna know why they named her treasure?"
"sure" he replies
"because when she was born, they wanted so desperately to bury her."

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