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There's a new wheelchair party forming

But it doesn't really stand for anything.

(At least it'll always have a spokes person)

The spokesperson for the National organisation against impotence got up to the podium...

...And proclaimed "This will not stand!"

What do you call someone who advocates for bicycles?

A spokes man

A spokesman for a group of scientists examining the possible remains of the abominable snowman has responded cryptically when asked for an update by a media representative:

Not Yeti

As well as exercise equipment, Christie Brinkley is now doing advertising for a bicycle parts company.

She's their new spokes model.

Being the spokesperson for BJ's or Dick's must be a pretty hard job.

*difficult job

Striker, listen, and you listen close:

flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle,

just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.

Rex Kramer / Airplane!

What did the spokesperson for the allergy medicine company say during the fire?

This has not Benadryl

What did the VW spokeswoman say after the EPA tester discovered the emissions discrepancy?

Nothing, she was embarrassed.

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