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Ok now that all the nerds are gone, there's a party going on at my place this Saturday. hmu if you're interested.

The cast of Star Wars VII just finished their first read through (spoilers)

Mark Hamill pulled JJ Abrams to the side and said "Can I have a word?"

Click here for spoilers


Civil War spoilers

Lee surrenders at Appomatox Courthouse, Abe Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth.

I want to talk about Infinity War spoilers but...

I want to wait for the dust to settle a bit.

I just gave up watching the Fast and the Furious

Too many spoilers

[spoilers] Roses are red, the sea's full of salt

Everyone's dead, It's all Star Lord's fault.

[Spoilers] I finally watched Avengers: Infinity War

It was alright. Probably give a 5/10. The first half was great, but the other half just kind of fell apart in the end.

How to rid yourself of geeks [**star wars spoilers**]

thats how

What's similar between Scarlet Witch and Daredevil? [spoilers]

The both lost their vision

Warning! Civil War Spoilers!

The Confederates lose

What is Glenn's (The Walking Dead) favorite restaurant? ***SPOILERS***


I really wanna watch Fast and the Furious

But the spoilers ruined it for me

[WARNING, spoilers ahead!]

1.) Storing milk at room temperature
2.) Grandparents
3.) Black people in a movie theatre

Which app does Thanos use to communicate with half of the universe? (Infinity War Spoilers)


I just starred in a movie about a guy who sells car parts

Don't worry, I won't give away any spoilers

WARNING: Tiger King Spoilers

Will make your car look stupid.

(SPOILERS) I guess you could say Tommen...

Made a King's landing.

Did you guys see that episode of Finding Bigfoot last night? [SPOILERS]

They didn't find Bigfoot.

[Mild SPOILERS] Nice to see Arya Stark FINALLY get involved in the war...

She really jumped into the Frey.

[math][star wars]{no spoilers}

What do you call the derivative of the First-order in Star Wars?

The second-order.

What do you call Star Wars Spoilers?


I wrote a review for the Fast and Furious movies...

Ok so all of the cars have this little fin on the back and...

Oops, I forgot to warn people, this contains spoilers.

SPOILERS for Deadpool 2

The X-Force was the actual Suicide Squad.

[NO SPOILERS] What do you call Doctor Strange's assistant in an elevator?

Wong on so many levels.

[Rogue One Spoilers] What is the empire's favorite kind of font?

Sans Scarif

A Star Wars Joke(No Spoilers)

Why was Han yelling at Chewbacca on their first day on the Millenium Falcon?



Because Chewie was making too many wookie mistakes!

I heard that there is going to be a Game of Thrones crossover with Westworld. (Spoilers for both shows)

Hodor: Hodor!!!

Arnold: What door?

Warning potential Avengers Age of Ultron Spoilers. What is Captain America's shield made out of?


-What's Hawkeye's shield made out of?


I accidentally left the refrigerator open while watching Game of Thrones


What movie franchise has the worst spoilers?

The Fast and the Furious.

Even though they did not show any spoilers in the Infinity War trailer we all know who dies...

... DCEU.

If Thanos were English what would he collect?(No spoilers)

The Infinity Scones


Make your car look terrible

These Rogue One spoilers are just all the wrong moves

In Alderaan places

The following text might contain spoilers

Making it more aerodynamic, and thus more maneuverable at high speeds.

[Spoilers] George R. R. Martin has already released Winds of Winter.

He just decided to call it 2016


Brexit must have impacted Game of Thrones' budget really badly… (spoilers)

I heard yesterday they fired half of the cast.

*Infinity War Spoilers* What do Matt Murdock and Scarlet Witch have in common?

They both lost their Vision

I have seen the Fast & Furious 8 spoilers....

There are high spoilers and low spoilers. Depends on the cars they are driving.


Screen fades to black at the end and a bunch of names start scrolling up.

What was the best part about Narcos Season 2? [SPOILERS]

Tata, Pablo Escobar

Where does Finn buy groceries (Star Wars FE Spoilers)

Traitor Joes.

The first standalone Star Wars movie sucked [No Rogue one spoilers]

Setting the plot around saving Jabbas baby, what where they thinking.

Another Monday morning of people on the Internet screaming about what other people can or can't say.

I wish these Game if Thrones spoilers would stop.

A woman yelled at me to stop shouting spoilers in the movie theater...

She apologized and bought me a popcorn when I told her I had tourrettes that made me shout the word "spoliers"

Infinity War (Spoilers)

It's crazy that Infinity War has been out for almost two weeks and I haven't seen a single pun spoiling Peter Dinklarge

In Star Wars Episode I, we learn (spoilers)

That Anakin Skywalker has no father, the midichlorians caused his birth.

I guess his mom was forced into it.

What's the least violent thing Thanos ever did? [SPOILERS]

He squished a spider!

Heard a co-worker talking about Infinity War in the office.

Told her to be careful about spoilers, someone might snap at her.

(Spoilers) What Olympic event would a person with the name Olympia participate in?

The high jump.

Have you heard Tom Holland's reaction to the end of Infinity War? ***Spoilers***

He was blown away by it!


White walkers are Santa Claus.

I don`t watch trailers of "The Fast and The Furious"-movies

too many spoilers

Ireland's population is growing so fast

[spoilers] (#s)
It's Dublin every year

I just started rewatching season 1 of my favorite show.

Please dont give any spoilers

You know what they say about guys with big noses?

[spoilers] They smell well. (#s)

I went to the post office to pick up my wife and I's new car spoilers, only to find out our package was delayed. It was then one of the workers came over and said

This post contains no spoilers.

*spoilers* How do you pick up chicks like Margaery Tyrell?

With a broom.

What is the worst part of movies?

[spoilers] #s

(Spoilers) Why cant Jon Snow sit still?

He has aunts in his pants,

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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