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How do you bamboozle a fool?

(Spoiler hidden)

Comment found on an FB
pic of a new born baby

"Hey kid, Spoiler Alert: Life sucks."

Trees are allergic to bees..

..when bees get too close, [they break out in hives.] (/spoiler)

Original joke!

Spoiler joke, Trees are allergic to bees..

Spoiler alert!

The milk's got 1 day left

Game of thrones finale joke. Spoiler.

Poor Jon snow. But it must have been a nice watch.

There's a spoiler in the description.

There's a spoiler in the title.

[Game of Thrones Spoiler ALL BOOKS Fan Theory] Benjen, Bran, Daario, Euron, Syrio, Jaqen, and Coldhands walk into a restaurant..

and say: "Table for one, please."

Spoiler joke, [Game of Thrones Spoiler ALL BOOKS Fan Theory] Benjen, Bran, Daario, Euron, Syrio, Jaqen, and Coldha


I just had a piece of metal fitted to the back of my car to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.

I think it's been enough time to warrant a Star Wars spoiler...

Yoda is dead

[no spoiler] Why is the BB unit droid not hungry?

Because BB-8

You want to know what's the most unrealistic thing from Batman V superman? (not a spoiler)

A democratic senator from Kentucky.

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What's missing from star wars 7?

Nobody's limbs.

[SPOILER] Ending of Civil War.

Lincoln gets killed at the end.

[GOT SPOILER] Why shouldn't you ask Jon Snow what time it is?

Because his watch has ended.

[GoT Spoiler] Olly really wanted to know how..

Jon came back from the dead, but instead, Jon just left him hanging.

*Spoiler* Game of thrones spoiler.

It's scripted and dragons are not real.

Spoiler joke, *Spoiler* Game of thrones spoiler.

(SPOILERS) I guess you could say Tommen...

Made a King's landing.

Why did everyone turn away when the race car drove past?

It had a SPOILER on it.

First baby born with DNA from 3 people

This week the world's first baby was born with DNA from three different people using a new controversial technique developed by US scientists. The baby will be featured in the upcoming episode of Maury and spoiler alert, they're both the father.

*Spoiler* US Presidential Election Result Leaked

The dodgy, incompetent, unfit, slightly psychotic, rich, possibly criminal one who should 't even be in the race, wins.

[Spoilers] George R. R. Martin has already released Winds of Winter.

He just decided to call it 2016

One person's trigger warning... another person's spoiler alert.

Jeremy Clarkson beat Richard Hammond in the latest episode of the Grand Tour a race due to the downforce on the back of his car

Sorry, should've said it was a spoiler

(ROGUE ONE SPOILER) So the nickname...

Throughout the movie, you see Galen calls Jyn his stardust, I thought it was pretty cute.

I just didn't expect it to be so literal though.

Don't go around telling people what Teresa Ripoll is an anagram of before they've solved it.

Spoiler alert

How many mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?


*SPOILER* - For those who dont get it, if u say "juan" in spanish, it sounds like "one" in english.

I finished reading The Dictionary the other day...

Spoiler alert, the zebra did it

Game of Thrones Spoiler Joke

I heard the Night King just got a hold of one rarest YuGiOh cards

[Spoiler] In Game of Thrones, what is Jon and Dany's favorite sexual position?

Lannister style

[Spoiler Alert] What's inside Hilary's new book, "What Happened".

I lost.

I once set an alarm to tell me when my milk would expire

Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert!

The milk has been in the fridge for three weeks.

Spoiler alert

Jesus dies in the Bible

Spoiler Alert!!

The cheese that I bought has been sitting out for days.

I finally figured out the secret to keeping your woman happy.

You have to [spoiler] (#s)

Marvel just announced the title of the Infinity War sequel. [spoiler]

Avengers: Days of Future Past

**Infinity War spoiler**

Superman kills Batman while Green Lantern looks on…

[Mild Infinity War Spoiler] Did you guys see Peter Dinklage in the new Avengers film?

It was his biggest role to date.

[spoilers] Roses are red, the sea's full of salt

Everyone's dead, It's all Star Lord's fault.

[NO SPOILERS] What do you call Doctor Strange's assistant in an elevator?

Wong on so many levels.

[SPOILER] Infinity War

Why is Red Skull happy to see the mad titan on Vormir?

Cos he is missing Thanos on his face.

[Spoilers] I finally watched Avengers: Infinity War

It was alright. Probably give a 5/10. The first half was great, but the other half just kind of fell apart in the end.

Warning, Infinity War spoiler:

Stan Lee is the bus driver.

SPOILERS for Deadpool 2

The X-Force was the actual Suicide Squad.

I recently got a new spoiler on my car...

It reads, Snape kills Dumbledore.

I have a fridge that beeps when it detects mold

Spoiler alert

I'm watching Finding Bigfoot

Spoiler alert: They didn't find him.

What did the father cow say to his daughter, when she came home late yet again?

You are an UDDER disappointment to this family young lady!

(I hit the spoiler on my last post, so just decided to remake it, sorry for the double post).

After Peter Jackson's successful launch of World War 1 documentary They Will Not Grow, George Lucas has announced he is making a documentary of World War 2 with remastered footage.

Spoiler: France invades first.

Micheal Cohen's latest book wasn't as long as I expected ...(Spoiler)

It abruptly ended at Chapter 11

"Look out, it's the Spoiler! He's gonna ruin every joke on the sub!"

"The milkman was the real father!"

Corona Extra

Sounds like a spoiler for 2021

Here I made some bubble wrap

>!Iron!< >!Man !< >!dies!< >!in!< >!Infinity!< >!War!<

>!Jesus!< >!dies!< >!in!< >!the!< >!Bible!<

>!2021!< >!will!< >!be!< >!even!< >!worse!<

>!What did you expect they were marked as spoiler!<

What is the name of that thing on the back of sports cars that make them more aerodynamic?


Chernobyl inaccuracies (Spoiler)

My mate has just seen the Chernobyl documentary. He actually grew up in Ukraine in the 1980's and was able to count at least 8 historical inaccuracies on one hand.

Spoiler alert!

Remember to check your milk for freshness.

Spoiler alert

I left the milk on the counter all weekend

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