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I can't decide if I want to watch the original Star Trek of The Next Generation...

I guess you could say I'm stuck between a Spock and a Picard place!

What was the working title for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock?

Finding Nimoy

Why did Spock dump his wife?

....because William Shatner

I know it's old, but I love it so

[In honor of Leonard Nimoy] How many ears does Spock have?

Three. A left ear, a right ear, and a final frontier.

what did Spock find in the ships lavatory?

the captain's log

What type of condom does Spock use?

Vulcanized rubber!

What did Spock find in the Enterprise Bathroom?

The Captain's Log.

Spock joke, What did Spock find in the Enterprise Bathroom?

What did Spock find in the toilet of the USS Enterprise?

**The Captain's log.**


Bonus Trekkie Joke:
*Why is Star Trek like the toilet paper in there?*

... because it keeps searching Uranus for Klingons.

What's a Vulcan's favorite cleaner?

Spock n' Span

what kind of nut does Spock hate the most?


Why didn't Spock do a mind meld with Frodo?

Because he figured that would be a bad hobbit to get in to.

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What did Spock find in the bathroom when he went in after Captain Kirk?

Captain's Log.

What did Mr. Spock find in the toilet?

The captain's log.

If Mr. Spock uses a condom...

...does that make it vulcanized rubber?

Why did the Star Trek: The Next Generation fans end their relationship?

There was no Spock between them.

Question about baby expert Dr. Spock

Given that Dr. Benjamin Spock was one of the leading experts in pregnancy and early childhood, having written a famous book (BABY & CHILD CARE) for expecting & new mothers on taking care of their babies...

Would it be correct to call Dr. Spock a Mother-FAQer?

Spock joke, Question about baby expert Dr. Spock

My brother in law just threw this one at me - an original. How do Vulcans keep from getting injured?

Spock absorbers.

This one might be a stretch

Which Star Trek character do cleaners hate the most?

Mister Spock

Missed a spot... yah. :'(

Did you know that Spock from Star Trek had three ears?

His left ear, his right ear, and the Final Front-ear.

Fun fact: Mr Spock actually had three ears.

*The left ear, the right ear, and the final front-ear*

If the shocker don't rock her.

Spock Her.

Why did Kirk and Spock lose Dr McCoy in the jungle?

They couldn't see DeForest for da trees.

Toilet Paper and Spock

How are toilet paper and Spock similar?

They both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.

Yo Mama's so fat...

Yo Mama's so fat, even Spock thought she outweighed the needs of the many!

What do Captain Kirk and Mister Spock do to get their baggage up to their hotel room?

Tell a porter.

What does Spock use for birth control?

Vulcanized Rubber

Spock joke, What does Spock use for birth control?

If Mr. Spock has pointy ears, what does Mr. Scott have?


Kirk and Spock were trapped on a planet and were waiting for rescue.

Kirk complained to Spock that his legs were getting tired from just standing around.

Spock said "there's a tree right there let's cut it down with our phasers and make a bench."

"You're a genius!" Exclaimed Kirk.

"Nonsense" replied Spock "it's only log-ical"

How many ears did Mr. Spock have?

3: the left ear, the right ear, and the final frontier.

How many ears does Spock have?


A left ear, a right ear and a final front ear.

Mr. Spock actually had 3 Ears!

A left ear, a right ear

and a final front ear

What did Bugs Bunny say after beaming aboard the Enterprise?

What's up Spock?

This is true: I picked up a pack of ear plugs at work today and it had three in the pack

The maintenance guy said that's the Spock pack

Me: Spock pack?

Maint: aye; one for the left ear, one for the right ear - and one for the final front ear

Captain Kirk and Spock are chatting one day...

Kirk: " Spock you always remain so calm and even handed when talking with people who are obviously less intelligent than you. How do you do it? "

Spock: " Well Captain I simply agree with whatever they say."

Kirk: " What? That's absolutely ridiculous! "

Spock: " I completely agree Jim. "


What did Spock find in the bathroom?

\-The captain's log

How many ears does Spock have ?

3 :

the left one, the right one, and the final front ear.

Why Did Spock Use Kirk's Bathroom?

...Because he wanted to see the Captain's log

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