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What's the difference between a man falling from a 40 story building and a 4 story building?

One goes: Ahhhhhhhhh.... Splat
And the other goes: Splat....Ahhhhhhhhh

What's the difference between a jumper and a sweater?

A sweater doesn't go splat after falling 40 stories...

Not so funny short joke

What is the difference between falling from the 1st floor and from the 10th floor? 1st floor : Splat, aaaaaahhh 10th floor: aaaaahhhh, Splat

Splat joke, Not so funny short joke

My mom said my Pawpaw would say this joke all the time in the car. They'd be driving along and a bug would splat against the windshield and he'd say...

"I bet he doesn't have the guts to do that again."

What's the difference between a paintball player and a skydiver?

A paint baller goes *SPLAT* Dang!

A skydiver goes Dang! *SPLAT*

What's the difference between falling from the 20th floor and the 2nd floor?

20th floor:

* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! (***SPLAT***)

2nd floor:

* (***SPLAT***) AAAAAaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh......

Just a hotel bar...

There was a bar on the 42nd floor of the hotel. A dude drinks some whiskey . Then he says watch this. To a dude. He jumps out a window and right before he hits the ground he softly lands and comes back up to the bar. Puzzled, the dude asks how did you do that? The man says just drink some whiskey. The dude has some whiskey and jumps out the window and lands with a SPLAT!!! The bartender says Superman, your such a bad person when you are drunk.

Splat joke, Just a hotel bar...

New Yorkers are the fastest readers.

80 stories in ten seconds splat!

Why is the sloth trying to cross the road?

Becau- *SPLAT*

In light of recent adverse publicity, Boeing executives are considering renaming the company.

Boom and Splat did not make the list of finalists.

(Too soon?)

A little push

One day my friend really needed help, so I gave him the push he needed.


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