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What are some Spinoff jokes?

So Apple made a spinoff of the iPod Touch...

...where you design all its features yourself. The color, storage, apps that come with it, basically everything.

However, it got banned from all Apple stores because of its name, the iTouchMyself.

Did you hear about the Touched by an Angel spinoff?

Probably not, Touched By a Priest just never caught on with the public.

Super stoked for the new Cosby Show spin-off...

Pudding it in Cosby.

TLC launching new spin-off Josh Duggar retrospective series....

"15 and Mounting".

A spinoff of Zootopia would have lampooned any people from a certain fandom who drew NSFW pictures of the two leads and shipped them.

Alas, *Furry Vengeance* was already taken.

With the success of American documentary shows like Moonshiners...

They should release a spin-off called Crackers

What is the most successful spinoff ever made?

The Bible

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