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I almost got into an accident with someone who was texting and driving...

luckily I braked just in time or else I would've spilt my beer.

Spilt milk

I hate how every time I come home and go to the kitchen my flat mate has spilled milk everywhere. How dairy

I just knocked over my water bottle and it spilt everywhere

*no cap*

Spilt joke, I just knocked over my water bottle and it spilt everywhere

A guy spilt his cup of milk on me

How dairy!

I had a robot named Sir Kit

One day I accidentally spilt some water on it and something caused it's legs to retract. It was a Short Sir Kit

This girl just spilt ice all over my record player.

I played it cool.

What type of coffee wake you up the best in the morning?

Any coffee that spilt over your laptop.

Spilt joke, What type of coffee wake you up the best in the morning?

Did you hear about the truck that spilt concrete across the road?

It wasn't cement to happen.

My girlfriend spilt hummus all over her...

Can't believe that chick pea'd herself

I spilt my epilepsy medication in my washing machine.

Now my clothes don't fit.

I've spilt paint.

It's a dyer situation.

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What did the sheep say to the interviewer when he spilt coffee on his resume?

Don't worry, it's lamb-inated

What did the French baker say when he spilt food-colouring in his baking supplies?

Sucre Bleu!

Got fired from my tech support job

..When I had a customer phone up explaining they had a problem; spilt coke on their laptop.

"What's the problem? Can't you just snort it as usual?" didn't go down too well.

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