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Why was Spider-Man found sleeping on the roof of an old rundown power station?

No power, no responsibility.

Why is spiderman so good at comebacks?

Because with great power comes great response ability.

What does Spider-man wear when it gets cold out?

A Peter Parka

Spiderman joke, What does Spider-man wear when it gets cold out?

Why doesn't Spiderman like rice?

It reminds him of Uncle Ben.

Why is Spider-Man a bad boyfriend?

He's super clingy.


Just another guy who ends up with sticky hands after using the web.

someone tried to tell stan lee this joke during his panel at comic con this week end

what do you call spiderman when he quits the daily bugal and starts working as a valet?

peter PARKER.

Spiderman joke, someone tried to tell stan lee this joke during his panel at comic con this week end

What is the one thing Spiderman can't eat?

Uncle Bens rice.

What does Spiderman do when he's not fighting crime?

Web Development.

What do Spiderman and I have in common?

We both end up with sticky hands after using the web.

What disorder will Spiderman get as he ages?

Peter Parkinsons

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What would be a more appropriate name for spiderman?

Peter parkour.

Why does Spider-Man only drink Kool-aid?

Because with grape powder comes great responsibility.

I can't believe AntMan and Spider-Man are in civil war.

That really bugs me.

What does Spiderman like to get high on?

Mary Jane

What superhero should you never have dinner with?

Spider-Man. He never saves any Uncle Ben's.

Spiderman joke, What superhero should you never have dinner with?

I've nicknamed my grandad Spiderman.

He doesn't have any superpowers, he just can't climb out of the bath.

The entire plot of spiderman

A teenage boy finds out he can shoot white stuff out his body

We call my grandpa "Spider-Man"

He doesn't have any super powers, he just finds it hard to get out of the bath

Why is Spiderman gay?

He's a Peter Parker.

Why did Spiderman open a retirement account?

He wanted to turn his Spidey cents into Spidey dollars.

I met Spider-Man in college

He was in Web development.

Peter Parker was at home alone one day, when suddenly aunt may walks in on him masturbating.

I guess she was the first person to see Spiderman home coming.

What's spider-mans favorite brand of rice ?

Uncle Ben

What does Spider-Man do after he gets hurt?

He checks Web MD

What was that Spiderman quote again?

With great reflexes, comes great response ability.

What do Spider-Man and Metallica have in common?

Both have had an experience of entering Sandman

Why are Spiderman stickers the stickiest?

They don't peel so good.

What did Spider-Man say when he was deployed to the Middle East?

Iraq, no phobia

Hey girl you must be like spiderman cause

You don't look too good...

What did Spiderman say when he worked at MacDonalds?

With minimum wage comes minimum responsibility.

If Wonder Woman and Spiderman went into business together

would they call it Amazon Web Services?

In Spider-Man, I always considered Harry's father an ally..

A shame he ended up as Dafoe.

Guess who missed Spiderman Homecoming?

Uncle Ben.

So when Spiderman produces a white sticky substance it's "cool"

Why is it whenever I produce a white sticky substance I'm considered a "massive pervert"?

When Spiderman shoots a sticky substance all over someone he's "amazing"...

But when I do it I'm a pervert.

What do you call spiderman after he lost his powers, but still jumps from building to building?

Peter Parkour

(-my brother)

What do Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Spider-Man all have in common?

They're more realistic than The Bachelor.

What does Spider-Man and your mouth have in common?

They're both Peter Parkers.

Did you know that Spider-Man has a winter jacket made out of Mediterranean flatbread?

It's a pita parka.

Who called it Spider-Man trilogy and not..

A web series.

Spider bite created Spiderman. What would a dog's bite create?


Spiderman began using firearms a few days ago

Everyone told him that it's not a good idea but he is sticking to his guns

What do you call Spiderman when he parks his car?

Peter Parker

Why does Spiderman hate driving with his evil twin?

Because he's a bad parallel Parker

Dr: "I have some good news and some bad news Spiderman. The good news is that the constant tingling sensation isn't your Spidey sense warning you of some huge, impending calamity!"

"What's the bad news Doc?"

"Well son, what do you know about genital herpes?"

What would you call if spiderman starts jumping around buildings instead of swinging using his spider webs?

Peter Parkour

spider-man: weird your rug looks just like a giant piece of paper

**me [sneaking up behind him with an enormous cup]:** that 𝑖𝑠 weird

Why does spiderman always have the best comebacks?

With great power comes great response ability!

Who is Green Goblin in Spiderman?


Why is spider-man so good at making quips??

Because with great power comes great response-ability.

Dad: "Son, do you know why Spider-Man is so good with his quips?"

Son: "Why dad?"

Dad: "Because with great power comes great response ability"

What Marvel Superhero is the best at HTML?


Why'd the alternate universe Spider-Man do so well on his driving test?

He's an excellent parallel Parker.

I watched Into The Spiderverse and I wondered how Spider-Man always comes up with his witty comebacks.

Then it it me with great power comes great response ability.

Why is there no Australian Spider-Man?

He didn't survive the bite.

Do you know why Spiderman is bisexual?

Because he swings both ways.

Why did Spiderman refuse to come down from the building?

Because he had no way home.

Why does Spider-Man only have 11 months on his calendar?

Because he lost May…

You guys heard about this new Spiderman restaurant?

Don't bother bringing cash. All the orders are web only.

Why should you NEVER get into an insult fight with Spiderman?

Because with great power comes great response ability's

What does spiderman do for his living?

He's a web developer

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