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Relationships are like Indian food

They start out hot and spicy but end up with someone on the toilet crying and saying why me.

An American white guy visits India.

Wanting to get a more authentic experience, he goes to an Indian restaurant and tells them to serve him their specials, no questions asked. After eating a few bites, he calls the waiter and says, "Hey, this is brilliant food, but I just have a tiny request. This is a tad bit too spicy for my taste, so could you please ask the chef to make my food less spicy than this please?"

The waiter perplexed, looks at the man and says "Sir,
....this is dessert"

Why didn't the skeleton like spicy food?

'Cause he didn't have the stomach for it!

Eating spicy food is like expressing your love to someone who has no interest in you...

you always get burned in the end.

When you eat a lot of spicy food, you can lose your taste.

When I was in India last summer, I was listening to a lot of Michael Bolton.

What do you call a dinosaur that likes spicy food?

A mega-sore-ass.

Why getting Indian Food at a Gas Station is the best idea?

If the food is too spicy, you'll also receive free gas.

What's the worst part about spicy food?

It backfires.

I really love spicy foods

...but the Ghost pepper is my a-chilis heel.

I wish I was just like my nose

And all it takes is spicy food to get me to run.

Eating spicy food is like...

Having your whole body sit down for a game of poker. Your stomach always wins while your sinuses and intestines get cleaned out.

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When I eat spicy food I like to keep the toilet paper in the freezer.

My friend had recently went to Africa

Friend:"man the food in Africa is extremely spicy."

Me:"really I didn't know KFC was spicy."

I hate spicy foods.

Their flavor is just jalapeno face.

What do you call a singer who enjoys spicy food?

Frank Sriracha

Chuck Norris douses all his food in diesel fuel and sets it on fire, 'cuz he likes it mildly spicy.

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