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My best friend was a chef. He called last week to say that he found a hidden message in his herb and spice rack. He was quite paranoid and later that day he was found dead.

I should have believed him when he said his Thyme was running out.

Did you hear about the man who reviews herbs and spices?

I heard he's a seasoned expert.

I was bored, so I spent all day re-arranging my spice rack, only for one of the herb jars to exploded all over me...

I've got way too much thyme on my hands

My wife left me because, according to her, I talk about herbs and spices too much.

Oh well.... It was probably thyme.

I saw a man drive through my city with a van full of herbs and spices

He was a thyme traveler

I almost completed my collection of herbs and spices today!

But i didn't have the thyme.

My girlfriend and I like to make containers for our herbs and spices

She didn't like my cumin herb box though.

Scientists analysed sweat samples of 100 regular KFC visitors.

11 secrete herbs and spices

Did you know that there's a wrestling champion for spices and herbs?

It is called sumac down.

TIL Italian scientists in the 1920's discovered they could power engines with common herbs and spices

Mussolini made the trains run on thyme.

What happens when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams try to make a Destiny's Child song about herbs and spices?

Bey Leaves.

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My son used herbs and spices for dinner tonight...

I told him to stop as he's not a seasoned professional

How do you get more white girls to eat KFC?

With 11 herbs and pumpkin spices

The evil Herbs & Spices organization has assembled their last member and has finally taken over the world...

It was only a matter of Thyme.

I finally finished writing a book.

After procrastinating for years, I finally wrote the first instalment of what will become a series of books about herbs and spices.

It's about thyme.

Chuck Norris invented Kentucky Fried Chicken's famous secret recipe, with eleven herbs and spices.

But nobody ever mentions the twelfth ingredient: Fear.

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