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Sean Spicer, United Airlines CEO and Pepsi's PR team walk into a bar...

They're all getting fired, so drinking on a Tuesday is acceptable.

Why is Sean Spicer moving to Australia?

He's gotten really good at roaming around the bush.

The past few days summed up

Pepsi: We just pulled the worst PR stunt of the year.
United Airlines: Hold my beer.

Spicer joke, The past few days summed up

It looks like Sean "Spicy" Spicer has been replaced with Anthony "Scary" Scaramucci

I wonder who the next replacement will be "Sporty", "Baby", "Ginger" or "Posh"

Sean Spicer said the inauguration had the "largest audience ever."

Then he took it back because your mother left.

The United CEO, the Pepsi head of marketing, and Sean Spicer walk into a bar.

The bar bursts into flames.

The press should have given Sean Spicer a 5th attempt at clarifying his statement.

Who knows, maybe he finally figured out the final solution.

Spicer joke, The press should have given Sean Spicer a 5th attempt at clarifying his statement.

Pepsi: Well THAT was the PR nightmare of the century.

Fox News: Hold my beer.

United Airlines: Jinx, owe me a Coke?

Pepsi: For reals?

Sean Spicer: Make it a double.

What does Sean Spicer call emails?

Alternative fax.

[Politics] Is mental gymnastics an Olympic Sport?

If it is, Sean Spicer could take home the gold, silver and bronze for the US.

How does Sean Spicer exercise?

He does bush-ups.

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Today Sean Spicer said Hitler never used chemical weapons

Glad to see the new Betsy DeVos textbook are being read already.

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