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David Beckham gets in a taxi at Dublin Airport and notices the driver keep looking in his rear view mirror at him.

After about 5 minutes the driver says "Go on then give me a clue!?"

Beckham replies, "I had a glittering career with Man Utd, played over 100 times for England and married a spice girl, is that enough?".

Driver says "No mate, I meant where are you going?"

Trail mix dad joke

I made a playlist of songs from Eminem, The Cranberries, California Raisins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spice Girls, and the Peanuts.
I call it my Trail Mix.

What do Australia and The Spice Girls have in common?

The rest of us are trying our best but Victoria is ruining it for everyone.

Ross Noble Spice girl joke

Why Victoria is the Posh Spice of Australia?

I don't know if you’re across this, but currently the country’s going through what scientists call the Spice Girls paradigm - Said Ross Noble. - Everyone's trying really hard, but Victoria's ruining it.

I just found out The Spice Girls were paid off by the tobacco industry to hide subliminal pro-smoking messages in their songs.

I couldn't believe it, so I put on one of their records, and it made me really really really want a cig or cigar.

Madonna is talking with the Spice Girls

Says she wants to sponsor a reunion tour so long as she can join them. The girls agree to condition. They call her Old Spice.

Which spice girl can still get petrol?

Geri can

My wife and I, we wanted to spice up out sex life so we did a bit of role playing. She dressed as a nurse and I dressed as a doctor.

And that coma girl was already dressed as a patient, so she obviously was into it from the very beginning, your honor.

Just found out I'm related to one of the Spice Girls...

She's anise of mine.

What do the spice girls and covid in Australia have in common?

Everyone pulls their weight except Victoria

The Spice Girls want to remind you to set your clocks back an hour tonight.

Because tonight is the night, when two becomes one.

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Which Spice Girl can drink petrol?

Geri can

If girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice ...

Why do they smell like tuna?

So I'm dating this girl, called magnesium hydroxide, she likes fairy lights, nickelback and pumpkin spiced lattes...

Yeah she is pretty basic.

I think my mirror is broken

I said pumpkin spice latte 3 times in front of it and no white girl in yoga pants appeared.

Yo momma's so fat

If she were a spice girl, she would be pumpkin spice.

*David Beckham* gets in a taxi at Dublin airport.

He notices the driver staring at him insistently in the rearview mirror.

After 5 minutes the taxi driver asks, Ok. At least give me a hint"

David Beckham sighs and says I had a brilliant career at Manchester United, married one of the Spice Girls and played for more than 100 times for England's national team. Enough?"

Driver replies: No, you eejit! Where are we going??

This year we finally learned who the worst spice girl is

It's Sean

Which Spice Girl can hold the most petrol?

Geri can.

Does anyone know what happened to the spice girls?

They all became old spice

What did the white girl say when she found out pumpkin spice lattes were considered basic?

"My whole life is a lye!"

Madonna is tryin to get Spice Girls back together.

Only condition is she gets to join them. They gonna call her Old Spice.

Two Irish couples decide to swap partners to spice up their sex lives.

Afterwards Paddy says to Mick "That was incredible, I wonder how the girls got on!"

What do you get when you cross Michael J. Fox with the Spice Girls

A salt and pepper shaker.

The Spice Girls reunion tour (with special guests Salt-N-Pepa) was just announced.

It will be called the Allspice Seasonal Tour, presented by Old Spice.

Why doesn't Muad'Dib like the Spice Girls?

They remind him too much of his mother.

I'll see myself out.

I'm in an all-male Spice Girls tribute band.

We call ourselves the Cinna-Men.

Who is the most basic Spice Girl?

Pumpkin Spice.

Why was Ginger the only real Spice Girl?

Because Cumin, Parsley, Basil and Garlic were rejected...

I always liked those spice girls back in the 90s. What where their names again?

Oh yeah, Salt-N-Pepa

Hillary Clinton is rumoured to join the spice girls if she loses the race.

Welcome to the band, hospice.

So the Spice Girls are returning...

I guess they thought it was time to spice things up ....

Oral B:

The sluttier, lesser known member of the Spice Girls.

How do you get more white girls to eat KFC?

With 11 herbs and pumpkin spices

Best member of the Spice Girls?

Old Spice....

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