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Two sperms swimming

Two sperms swimming through a girls body. After a while one sperm looks at the other and says"we've been swimming forever! How much farther until we hit the ovaries?" The other sperm starts laughing and replies " ovaries?! We're not even halfway down the esophagus yet!"

So one sperms says to the other sperm.. NSFW

"How long til we get to the ovaries?"
The other sperm replies,
"hopefully soon, we just passed the tonsils"

2 sperms are swimming side by side

sperm 1: do you know how much longer 'til the fallopian tube?

sperm 2: fallopian tube? we aren't even past the esophagus yet!

Sperms joke, 2 sperms are swimming side by side

Two sperms are talking with each other...

"Hey man, how long till we get the ovaries?"

"Long way still, we just passed the throat."

nsfw Two sperms were swimming for the egg...

One sperm says to the other "Jeez, I'm tired! How long til we get to the egg?" The other sperm says, "It's going to be a while, we just got past the colon."

NSFW A lady was queueing up at the donating line at a sperm bank.

A helper goes up to her and tells her:"Ma'am, you are queueing in the wrong line. This is the line to donate sperms."

The woman stares at him for a second. She then points at her mouth and goes:"Mmm! Mmm!"

What do you call employees working at Siemens?


Sperms joke, What do you call employees working at Siemens?

Common scene

Q: Why are condoms transparent?

A: So that sperms can at least enjoy the scene even if their entry is Restricted!

Why are condoms transparent?

Cause the sperms can't go inside so the least we can afford them is a view.

Why does it take more than a million sperms to fertilize one egg?

1) Female Ego...
Rejection without Reason!

2) Male Ego...
Won't Ask For Directions!

Why did the director put lots of sperms and eggs in his movie?

Sex cells.

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