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TIL sperm donors are paid $50 per donation.

It was devastating. Imagine all the money that has slipped through my fingers.

(NSFW) Why is donor sperm more costly than donor blood?

Because it's handmade.

Meanwhile at the Sperm Donor Bank

A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun.

He goes up to the nurse and demands for her to open the sperm bank vault. She says "But sir, its just a sperm bank!", "I don't care, open it now!!!" he replies.

So she opens the door to the vault and inside are all the sperm samples. The guy says "Take one of those sperm samples and drink it!", she looks at him "BUT, they are sperm samples???" , "DO IT!".

So the nurse sucks it back. "That one there, drink that one as well.", so the nurse drinks that one as well.

Finally after 4 samples the man takes off his ski mask and says, "See honey - its not that hard is it ?."

Sperm Donor joke, Meanwhile at the Sperm Donor Bank

A sperm donor, a lumberjack, and an agreeable man walk into a bar.

He came, he saw, he concurred.

A sperm donor, a carpenter and Mehmed II, Ottoman Emperor are in a room. Julius Caesar walks in the room. What did he say?

"Veni, vidi, vici."

I went to a sperm bank to become a donor.

Apparently they did not want me, they just told me to beat it.

It takes guts to be an organ donor.

And balls to be a sperm donor.

Sperm Donor joke, It takes guts to be an organ donor.

Why was the London sperm bank so unsuccessful?

The were only two donors. One came on the bus, the other missed the tube.

Don't forget, Sperm Donor day is June 16th this year.

It's like Father's Day, but it comes a little early.

I was going to be a sperm donor for a friend

But I pulled out at the last second.

Which song does the sperm donor play in repeat?

Dire Straits - Money for Nutting

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The sperm bank

The recently opened sperm bank in town has been a failure. They only had 3 donors:

* One couldn't come
* One came on the bus
* The other missed the tube

How much do sperm donors make per week?

2 gallons...

At the annual sperm donor conference, the president takes the mic and says

Good morning and thank for coming, everyone

A sperm donor, a carpenter and Julius Caesar

A sperm donor, a capenter and Julius Caesar all walk into a bar.

He came, he saw, he conquered.

A sperm donor, a carpenter, and Julius Caesar all walk inyo a bar.

He came, he saw, he conquered.

Sperm Donor joke, A sperm donor, a carpenter, and Julius Caesar all walk inyo a bar.

The women went to a sperm donor bank and Asks a man to drink sperm and opens mask she is wife and she tells him honey this how disgusting it is.

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