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How many existentialists does it take to change a light-bulb?

Two, one to change the light-bulb, and one to observe how it symbolizes an incandescent beacon of subjectivity in a netherworld of cosmic nothingness.

This is courtesy of Spencer Reid.(CM)


British Redneck Joke

Bubba Windsor and Earl Spencer had just finished a leisurely tour of The Fitzwilliam Museum at Grove Lane and a gourmet repast at Loch Fyne Restaurant Ltd. on Trumpington St. On this fine afternoon they were proceeding northwest toward King's Parade and their destination, St Catherine's College of Cambridge University in order to attend a lecture by Malcolm Longair, CBE FRS on astrophysical cosmology. As the two foppish gentlemen strolled they discussed Einstein's concern with the Lorentz transformation which left Maxwell's equations invariant. As they approached Little St Mary's Lane, they espied a British Bulldog, lolling about, giving his willy and bollocks a proper polishing. Bubba posited that he had a deep desire to do the same, saying "I dare say, I do wish I could perform such a maneuver" To which Earl Spencer responded "I'm quiet sure, if you asked nicely, he would let you"


What did Richard Spencer squeal after getting punched in the face?

*"I'm Nazi bad person here!"*


Richard Spencer is the Kim Kardashian of the alt-right...

I have no idea why he's famous and I only know his name because some dude pounded him on video.


So Richard Spencer just got an alt-high five while being filmed.

Some might call it a punch but I prefer an Alt-Hug


What do you tell a nazi with two black eyes?

Nothing, you already told Richard Spencer twice!


What did Richard Spencer say when a white woman fell and hit her head?

Ma'am, are you alt right?


Why did Richard Spencer break up with his Asian girlfriend when he saw her working at a Chinese grocery store?

Because he realized she was a rice trader.


Spencer Chamberlain holds the Guinness record for longest scream at 17 seconds, with the song "Given Up."

He was awarded posthumously.


Where do all the posh communists shop?

Marx & Spencer


Where did the communist get his shirts?

Marx and Spencer


What kind of punch do you throw at Richard B. Spencer?

An alt-right hook.

Bonus joke: that motherfucker got cold-cucked.


I got a new book about Japanese sex toy vending machines.

It's by Dick D. Spencer


What's common between Richard Spencer and a porn star from LA after a long workday?

They are both tired of fuckin' immigrants.


Richard Spencer walks into a bar...

He did Nazi it coming


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