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Just spent $300 on a limousine and discovered that the fee doesn't include a driver

Can't believe I've spent all that money and I have nothing to chauffeur it...

Just Spent 3 hours in the Emergency room......

.... the Dyson Ball vacuum has a VERY misleading name........

Spent an hour by my wife's grave

God bless her soul, she thinks I'm digging a koi pond.

Spen joke, Spent an hour by my wife's grave

I spent the past 2 years looking for my girlfriend's killer

But no one will do it

I spent the afternoon making a belt out of herbs;

What a waist of thyme.

I've spent today analysing some statistics about how drunk people walk.

They're just staggering.

I've spent the last hour masturbating on the couch.

This psychiatrist seems to be taking a lot of notes.

Spen joke, I've spent the last hour masturbating on the couch.

I just spent two weeks in Vegas looking for my wife's killer...

but no one would do it.

I spent the last two years trying to find my ex girlfriend's killer.

No one will do it.

I spent the last hour repeatedly pressing F5

It's pretty refreshing.

I spent the whole night trying to solve a math problem...

and then it dawned on me.

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I spent all of last night trying to remember the Roman numerals for 51, 6, and 500 and couldn't....

...I'm so LIVID right now.

Spent over an hour at the wife's grave this morning.

Bless her, she thinks I'm digging a pond.

I spent Β£96 on eBay today to buy a cheese grater once owned by Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

It was the grater of two evils.

I spent a year writing a romance novel where two blood cells meet and fall in love. It never got published.

It was all in vein.

I spent this past weekend baby-proofing my house...

I'm not having a baby, but I hung up a bunch of anime posters to make sure that I never do.

Spen joke, I spent this past weekend baby-proofing my house...

I spent all day replacing the muffler on my car

It was exhausting

I think i'm spending too much time around my gf's family.

I mean, her husband's going to notice sooner or later.

I've spent the last four years looking for my ex-wife's killer...

...but no one will do it.

I spent too much money on video games this month.

All of my savings have gone up in Steam.

I spent last night defrosting the fridge

Or "foreplay" as she used to call it

I spent my Google Rewards on a video of Caitlyn Jenner

It was definitely worth the transaction

I spend my spare time reading the Thesaurus...

because the mind is a terrible thing to garbage.

I spent some time at my Auntie's grave today.

Bless her, she thinks I'm digging a pond.

I spent my children's college fund on a boat...

I'm going to call it the scholarship.

I spent four years at college and didn't learn anything...

It's really my own fault. I had a double major in psychology and reverse psychology.

Just spent the last hour tightening every bottle top and jar in my house…

That will teach my wife for saying she doesn't need me anymore…

I just spent Β£500 on a fortune teller, and all she told me was that she had a vision of me masturbating.

I think she saw me coming.

If you spend your day in a well...

Can you say that your day was well-spent?

I spent all day working on a bunch of puns about limousine drivers.

But I still have nothing to chauffeur it.

I spent all day bobbing up and down in the water

It's been my dream ever since I was a little buoy.

I've spent a year looking for my wife's killer...

...but no one will take the job.

I've spent the day in a German police station.

Word to the wise… Don't go hailing a taxi in Germany like you do in other countries.

I've spent three sleepless nights trying to think of a mountain pun.

I'm starting to think I won't Everest.

After spending 20 minutes trying to take my girlfriend's bra off, I've decided to give up

I wish I'd never put it on now

I spent months inventing a wingless plane

sadly the idea never took off.

I spent my whole life being proud of my British heritage until I found out that my Great Grandfather was actually from Transylvania

Now I can't even look myself in the mirror.

I spent all morning gluing watches together to make a belt...

It was a complete waist of time.

I've spent more than four years looking for my mother in law's killer.

But I can't find anyone to do it!

I think I've been spending too much time with prostitutes.

During sex, my girlfriend said give it to me and I pulled out my wallet.

I spent a few hours by my wife's grave today.

She thinks I'm digging a pond.

I spent 15 years suffering from chronic procrastination....

And I still can't decide if I prefer sativa or indica.

P.s I am getting really annoyed by that persistent promoted post!

I just spent over a half hour trying to get my girlfriend's bra off...

Man I'll never try wearing that again

I've spent half an hour trying to get my SO's bra off...

I really regret putting it on now.

I've spent a month lifting and I still haven't gotten stronger

I guess it's not working out

I spent half an hour trying to take off my girlfriends bra. I gave up in the end.

I wish I never tried it on in the first place.

You know you spend too much time sitting, playing piano...

...when your Bach hurts

I spent Valentine's Day the old fashioned way

Running around in a diaper shooting arrows at people

I've spent the past two years looking for my ex's killer.

But no one will do it.

I've spend the last 10 years looking for my mother in law's killer...

But nobody will do it!

I spent over 3 hours making a belt out of herbs, but in hindsight...

it's just a waist of thyme.

I spent years searching for the perfect mustache

It was right under my nose the whole time.

I spent years looking for my mother-in-laws killer

They were all asking for more money than I could afford.

I've spent so long trying to think of a synonym for 'ambitious' that I've given myself a headache.


No thanks, I'll just get some fresh air, that'll clear it up.

I spent all day calling my mates to tell them about the 3 way I had last night with twins

One guy asked if I could tell them apart.

I said absolutely! Chris was a blonde with medium sized breasts, and Pat was a dude.

If anyone is spending Christmas alone this year, please let me know.

I need to borrow some chairs

I spent all my cash renting a limo and it didn't come with a driver.

Wasted all that money and nothing to chauffeur it.

I spent half an hour trying to take off my girlfriends bra...

I spent half an hour trying to take off my girlfriend's bra. I gave up at the end. I wish I had never tried it on in the first place.

I've spent an hour and a half now trying to explain "sunk cost fallacy" to my son

He's no nearer understanding it than when we started, and it's giving me a serious headache.

But if I quit now I'll have had all this for nothing!

I spent two years figuring out the opposite word for night.

But after all that time I decided to give up and call it a day.

Spend $/Β£1000 on your front door

That way, you can make a grand entrance

i have spent 2 hours trying to explain sunk cost fallacy to my son

he doesn't seem to be understanding anything i am saying and honestly, i feel like giving up.

but if i quit now, i'd have spent all this time for nothing!

I spent a lot of time, money, and effort childproofing my house…

but the kids still get in.

I spent all night searching for the sun

..and then it dawned on me

I spent the day designing a belt with clocks attached to it

People told me it was a waist of time

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