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  1. I hate spelling errors. You mix up two letters accidentally and your whole joke is urined.
  2. I hate spelling errors so much. Like you mix two letters of a word and your whole post is urined.
  3. Why do teens only hang in odd numbers Because they literally, can't even.
    Update: corrected the spelling error. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. If pornhub has taught me anything... It's how to have a good father-daughter relationship
    *Remade post cause spelling error in title was killing me*
  5. If you're genetically predisposed to spelling and grammar errors, does that mean you're… …typo positive?
  6. I don't understand why people are so concerned about spelling errors. It's just a normal word, isn't it?
  7. Gay Boyfriend I'm not gay, but there are three words that would make me consider it.
    Life Without Parole
    *Edit, s**... spelling error.

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  1. I hate spelling errors. You mix up two letters and your whole post is urined.
  2. Spelling errors in quotations make me sic.
  3. Spelling Errors? I don't do that typo thing.
  4. Did You Know that Diareah Problems are Hereditary It Runs In your Jeans
  5. What do you call it when the blood bank makes a spelling error A type-o
  6. A guy makes spelling errors so often it's in his blood. He's typo.
  7. Our divine caster lost track of his healing spells. It was a clerical error.
  8. I hate spelling errors. You mix up two letters and your entire text is urined.
  9. You know what ruins a meme? A miner spelling error.
  10. What do you call a spelling mistake on a map? A topographical error.
  11. Someday I want to write a book titled "The most erogenous spelling errors". *erroneous
  12. What blood type is most likely to cause a spelling error? Type O.

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Jack calls an ambulance for his friend who has been hit by a car

The operator asks for his location.
Jack says I'm outside 28 Eucalyptus Road .
The operator knows there is no room for error and for clarity asks, "How do you spell that?"
There's shuffling and sounds of straining at the other end of the phone. Jack? says the operator, concerned. More shuffling and grunting.
Sorry about that says Jack. I just dragged him 'round to 1 Oak Street

The word queue does't have 4 silent letters...

They are just waiting their turn.
oh haha didN't realise this got so many upvotes thanks guys :D is there a way to edit the title for the spelling error?

A policeman is on scene at a terrible accident - body parts everywhere.

He is making his notes of where the pieces are and comes across a head.
He writes in his notebook: "Head on bullevard" and scratchs out his spelling error.
"Head on bouelevard" Nope, doesn't look right - scratch scratch.
"Head on boolevard..." dang it! Scratch scratch.
He looks around and sees that no one is looking at him as he kicks the head.
"Head on curb."