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You are

Spell imap then say ness

Spelling Errors?

I don't do that typo thing.

How to spell "me"

A man walks up to a woman and asks her to spell the word "ME" for him. She says, "M-E". The man says, "But you forgot the D!" "But there's no "D" in "ME"!" He says, "Not yet.."

Spel joke, How to spell "me"

How do you spell onomatopoeia?

Just spell it like the way it sounds!

Anyone else here able to spell "condescending narcissist" correctly on the first try?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Spelling errors in quotations make me sic.

How do you spell coward?


Spel joke, How do you spell coward?

Spelling practice

It is spelling lesson. The teacher asks the kids to spell different words.
-Emma, can you spell 'dog'?
-D O G
-Correct! Jake, can you spell 'cat'?
-C A T
-Correct! Now, Ahmed, can you spell 'racial discrimination'?

I don't know how to spell Armaggedon

But who cares - it's not the end of the world!

How do you spell Canada?


What do you put in a toaster joke

Spell roast five times, r-o-a-s-t, r-o-a-s-t, r-o-a-s-t, r-o-a-s-t, r-o-a-s-t.
What do you put in a toaster?
I usually put bread in a toaster.

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What kind of blood did the mna have who culdn't spel right?


Just because I can't spell Armygeddan.....

Doesn't mean its the end of the world....

How do you spell candy with two letters?

C and Y

How do u spell candy w only 2 letters

c and y

You can't spell grope

without GOP.

Don't spell part backwards

It's a trap

If you spell race car backwards...

You get what Honda owners wish they had.

Do you spell it Palindrome or Palendrome?

Cause I've heard it both ways.

So you say you can't spell very well.....

...they're, there, their, don't cry.

I cant spell armegedon.

Oh well it's not the end of the world.

"Your next spelling word is: beheaded."

Can you use it in a sentence please?

"Sure, Kathy Griffin beheaded to the unemployment office."

"I'd like a spell to make me famous," he said.

"OK," said the witch.

He burned for a week before he died. It was the talk of the kingdom.

At the spelling bee

Judge: Your word is "there."

Me: In a sentence please.

Judge: They're parking their car over there.

Why was the spelling bee cancelled?

One of the participants spelled disaster.

Did you know?

You can't spell manslaughter without man's laughter....

How do you spell bubble?


Do you spell Christmas with an "L"?

Or Noel?

Why is it spelled "Cancelled" if you're British but "Canceled" if you're American?

Because America gave Britain that L in 1783

To spell Panda

You just need P and A

Why is 'dark' spelled with a k and not c?

Because you can't see in the dark.


How do you get better at spelling?

Practiss, practise, practice.

The only way to spell incorrectly correctly

Is to spell it incorrectly.

To spell Panda, all you need is

P and A

What spell does America cast every time they invade a country in the Middle East?

Expecto Petroleum

You just need M or E

to spell more

If everyone spells your sons name wrong...

Then you spelled your sons name wrong

How do you spell odin?

With one eye

How do you spell Japanese noodle?

U don'

Spelling test

My daughter had a spelling test and asked me what does context mean. I asked her how is it being used?

What spell does Harry Potter use for constipation?


What do you get when you spell gibberish backwards


You can't spell 'congressman'

without 'con man'

Why is 'dark' not spelled like 'darc'?

Because you can't c in the dark!

Spelling is very important.

It's the difference between "trust in me" and "thrust in me".

So what if I can't spell 'Armageddon'

It's not the end of the world

Ok so I can't spell Armageddin

It's not the end of the world though is it?

Why are spelunkers horrible negotiators?

Because they love to cave.

How do you spell Canada, eh?

C, eh?

N, eh?

D, eh?

Spelling Bee

Moderator: Your word is seaward .

Me: C-U-N....

Moderator: For the love of god, stop right now!!

You can't spell manslaughter without man's laughter

But can spell murder without any letters from sanity.

What do you get when you spell man backwards?


So what if I can't spell "armagedon" correctly ?

Its not the end of the world.

What do you get when you can't spell kid?


How do you spell blinking with one I?

Wink ;)

Sorry for the spelling/grammer mistakes

My first language is English.

Why is 'dark' spelled with a k and not a c?

Because everyone knows you can't c in the dark.

You can't spell lassie without ass...

and if you think you can, that's a lie.

At the Spelling bee

Judge: Your word is 'Invulnerable'.

Me: I-N-V-U-

Judge: I am pretty awesome.

If you spell gender backwards... might be a redneg.

Spelling bee judge: "Your word is 'seaward'."

Contestant: "C-U-N..."


How do you spell Darwin Awards?


I can spell something with more than 100 letters


Did you know that 'Muffins' spelt backwards... what you do, when you take them out of the oven ?

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