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Trump was taken to Walter Reed tonight

I wish him a speedy recovfefe

What does speedy gonzalas put beneath his carpets?

Underlay! Underlay!

News just in.

Apparently Harry Kane has visited Christian Eriksen in hospital.

"He's just managing to string some words together now,

so he's making good progress" said Erikson.

Good luck on a speedy recovery Christian.

The other day I was laying down a carpet...

...and my friend Speedy Gonzales was helping me. At one point I said, "Have I missed anything, Speedy?" And Speedy says, "Underlay, underlay!"

What do you say when you see a speedy fruit?

Wow, look at that Mango!

What does Speedy Gonzalez keep under his carpet?

Underlay! Underlay!

What did Doc McStuffins say to the Roadrunner?

"Have a speedy Recovery"

While meeting a sick person..

American says : Get well soon

Britisher says : Wishing you speedy recovery


Recently one of my relatives expired due to the same illness

The master of a galley ship comes to his rowers to thank them for such a speedy journey...

Master: Men, since we made such good time crossing the sea, the captain told me to do something special for you, but not too special. So today, everyone gets to change their underwear and loincloth

Rowers: Yea!

Master: hold off celebrating a minute, Bill, you change with John. Kevin, you change with Robert. (And so on)

Ever watched Italian Tom and Jerry? Speedy Gonzales sounded a bit funny....

He kept saying andele andele arrivo arrivo!!!

A joke I thought of while drunk

What is Speedy Gonzales's favourite drink?


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Did you see Speedy Gonzales has a carpet store?

He has really cheap underlay underlay.

This one's from my friend speedy gunz

What do you call a swindler with a skin disorder?

A Leper-Con

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