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Top 10 of the Funniest Speed Dating Jokes and Puns

A man and a woman rotate to the same table in a game of speed dating.

"Hi!" says the woman cheerfully, "Just so you know, I'm deaf, but I can read lips. Just talk as you normally do and I'll let you know if I didn't catch something. So, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a ventriloquist," says the man.

"What?" says the woman.

A pilot is flying a plane and shortly after mid-air announcement , forgets to turn off the mic.

He then mentions to his copilot : "I am dating that cute air hostess. After we land , we will go to the hotel and bang. "
The air hostess after hearing this runs towards the front of the plane at full speed to tell the pilot to turn off the mic and hits a blind man's stick and falls down.
The guy sitting on the other side says : "Why are you in such a hurry , we haven't even landed yet! "

I once tried speed dating...

Turns out she wasn't as into stimulants as I was...

What do you call it when you show up near the end of a redneck family reunion?

Speed dating.

I met two meth heads at a restaurant today.

They were speed dating

Why can't you take a Mormon speed dating?

He'll start pushing all the tables together.

What does Roy Moore call a high school track meet?

Speed dating

Speed dating is pointless.

30 seconds aren't long enough to explain the benefits of functional programming in Haskell.

of course its gonna be alabama that does it

thanksgiving in alabama is just speed dating

[WP] Three years after losing your wife, you finally agree to try and move on and attend a speed dating event. The first woman you see looks identical to your wife...

I'm off to a communist speed dating night.

I'm hoping I can seize the means of seduction.

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Did you hear that Sean Connery tried out speed-dating but he ended up making all his dates sick?

He was told it was a shingles club.

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