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A bit rapey.

The lady walking ahead of me sped up so I did too, she began running so I ran too, she screamed so I screamed as well. I never even saw what we were running from.

The lady walking ahead of me sped up... I did. She began walking faster and faster so I did. She started running so I did. She started screaming so I did. I have no idea what we were running from but I was terrified.

Blonde vs Traffic cop who will win?

Traffic cop stops a blonde that sped by him. He asked her for her license, and she replied by asking: "What is a license?" He explained that a license is a square thing with your face of it. The blone ruffles around in her purse for a while, pulls out a small mirror and gives it to the traffic cop. He looked at it and said: "Oh! I see you're a traffic cop too, you're free to go."

Sped joke, Blonde vs Traffic cop who will win?

Cop said papers

I said scissors and won so I sped off

guess he wants a rematch cause he's been chasing me for 20 minutes

A guy in a wheelchair sped over my foot.

"You better watch where you're going next time." I told him.

He said, "I'm handicapped, you can't do anything."

I said, "No, you're handicapped, you can't do anything."

Stopped by the police

I spilled some gas on my sleeve while gassing up one day. Got back on the highway and lit up a smoke and started my sleeve on fire. I put my arm out the window but the flames did not go away. I sped up to 70 then 80 when I noticed the flashing lights behind me. The cop says "looks like I'm going to have to write you a couple of tickets " I said I know I was speeding but what else?"
"Possession of a firearm sir "

My neighborhood is getting dangerous...

I was walking home the other night from the store with my hoodie on and the woman in front of me sped up, so I sped up. Then she started running so I started running to. I felt bad I passed her and left her behind. I never did see what we were running from.

Sped joke, My neighborhood is getting dangerous...

I was walking behind a lady

The lady walking in front of me sped up, so I sped up too.

She started walking even faster, so I did too.

She started running, so I started running too!

She started screaming, so I started screaming too!!

I have no idea what we were running from, but I was terrified!

Vin Diesel pulled up next to me at a light the other day

Shocked, I saw him motion for me to roll down my window. I did and he said to me:

"You know what I put in my car?"

"Gas?" I replied.

"Diesel" he said and then he sped off.

We were driving down the road when a koala cut ahead of us and knocked into the car.

We sped up alongside of him and yelled out "Hey, you clipped us."

A man was crossing the road when he was hit by a car, which then sped off. A police officer asked the injured man, Did you get a look at the driver? No, he said, but I can tell you it was my ex-wife.

How do you know that? asked the officer.

I'd recognize her laugh anywhere!

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A snail bought a Tesla Model S

The snail then took off driving at a high rate of speed. As he sped past a famous French restaurant, the chef exclaimed, "Wow, look at that S car go".

2 vans were driving on a road. Little did they know, the road led straight off a cliff.

They did not see it, so they kept going. They sped off the cliff. After falling for a while, they miraculously landed upright and were fine.

It's cause they're vans.

I have never felt understood by my wife so I got in my truck, sped up and slid right into her.

She got the drift.

I tried to warn a racist to slow down because of the black ice up ahead.

He sped up and crashed.

Today an irate motorist at a stop light yelled at me saying, "YOU GOTTA GET BACK!"

To which I screamed back at the top of my lungs, "BACK TO THE PAST, SAMURAI JACK!" and sped off onto the highway.

Sped joke, Today an irate motorist at a stop light yelled at me saying, "YOU GOTTA GET BACK!"

A girl texted me, asking me to come over to her place because 'no one was home ;)', so I sped to her place.

No one home.

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