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I am opening a specialty shop that only sells flavored lube

It's called Hole Foods

A Donkey Was Found Dead In Front of a Church

So the priest did the reasonable thing and called the police chief.

Hey, i would like to report a donkey has been found dead in front of the church

The Chief replies: But father isn't that your specialty? You are knowledgeable on how to clean the body and prepare it for burial, right?

The priest replies: You are correct, but we like to notify the next of kin.

Hey, girl... Are you a cell phone?

'Cause I could stare at you all day...

(I am ashamed to admit that intentionally bad pickup lines are my specialty.)

Specialty joke, Hey, girl... Are you a cell phone?

So there were a group of guys drinking at a bar...

When another customer leaned over and asked what they were celebrating.

"My buddy here is going to be a Doctor!"

"Really? What specialty?"

"He's going to be a gynecologist!"

"Really? I was this close to being a gynecologist!" He said, holding his fingers about an inch apart.

"What did you end up doing?"

"I'm a proctologist."

What was the Christian plastic surgeons specialty?

Faith lifts

A medical student

A medical student walks into his favorite local bar and orders a beer. "I've finally decided what my practice will specialize in," the student tells the bartender. "It will be in the study and treatment of the diseases and disorders of the Adam's apple." "Is there some sort of fancy medical name for that specialty?" the bartender asks. "Yes," the student replies. "I'll be a guyneckologist."

looking for investors for my new specialty dating site

So I'm planning on taking advantage of the huge influx of specialty dating sites like farmers only or Christian mingle, etc... I'm starting a site exclusively for Indians. It's gonna be called, "Connect the dots."
(So who's in with me???)

Specialty joke, looking for investors for my new specialty dating site

if a dog was a contractor, what would his specialty be?


I met this Amputee Lumberjack

He said his specialty was stumps

Campers are opening up a restaurant.

You should try out their specialty: the S'morgasbord.

what type of math is a ghost's specialty?

Boolean algebra

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I know this voice-over actress whose specialty is cartoon women who've just seen a mouse.

She 'eeks' out a living.

Self deprecating humor would be my specialty...

If I was any good at it :(

What do you call a German biplane used to shuttle people to a specialty footrace

Mudder Fokker

Know what they call those specialty cake pans in the shape of penises?

Peter Pans

Senior joke

Folgers has a new specialty coffee that's just for seniors. Folgers slogan for it is, "The best part of waking up is waking up"

Specialty joke, Senior joke

What is Syria's food specialty?

Shish ka-BOOM!

what is a pastor's specialty?

the past.

Did you know there is a specialty gift store for aunts?

It's a very niece market.

What medical specialty will start to experience large fluctuations in income from payers?


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