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Today I gave a student detention for being tardy

I was then fired from my job as a special ed. teacher

Why do special Ed classes always start late

Because everyone is a little tardy.

Do special ed teachers mark late students as tardy?

i have no shame.

I believe, if you're in Special Ed, and you're late to class...'s politically incorrect to say you're tardy.

If a special ed kid is late to class

Is it morally wrong to call him tardy?

If a Special-Ed student is late more than once...

Does that make him re-tardy?

The special ed students made a metal band.

It's called Syndrome of a Down.

what fabric softener do Special Ed kids use?


I got fired from my job as a teacher for sending a student to the office for being tardy

Apparently, it's not acceptable behavior for a special ed teacher

My mom always told me I was special.

But I still can't figure out who this "ed" guy is.

I was put into a special ed class in highschool.......

I came for the easy grades, but I stayed.....

...***For the ladies***

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The name's Eddy.

But in school everyone calls me "special-ed"

If you're late for Special ED class...

Is it ok for the teacher to call you Tardy?

What do you call a promiscuous girl in special ed?

A tater thot

My mom says I'm special

but who is Ed?

If a special ed kid is late for school

Is it politically incorrect to give them a "Tardy" slip?

Teacher: you cant be here this is a special eds class

Kid: *takes out fidget spinner*

Teacher: carry on

My mother told me I was special

But I still can't figure out who the Ed guy was.

What do you get when somebody smuggles weed into the special ed classroom?

Baked potatoes.

I was fired from my job for placing the vegetables in sexually suggestive ways

Apparently you can't do that if you're a specials-eds teacher


They put me in Special Ed because they thought I was slow, but I stayed in Special Ed for the ladies.

Whatcha call a bunch of special ed kids on pot brownies?

High rollers

Everyone is always telling me I'm so special! (:

Just wish they'd get my name right. I don't know any Eds

My parents call me special,

But I don't know who Ed is

What do you call a Special Ed kid in a pool

A drownie

What do a special ed student and laundry detergent have in common?

They're both a little downy.

Why can't a special ed student be late for class?

Because he's already tardy.

What do you call a Fire Brigade made entirely of special ed students?

Fire retardant.

My special-ed girlfriend may be pregnant...

Her period's tardy.

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