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What's the difference between Rihanna and Britney Spears? ...

Britney asked to be hit one more time..

A pilot bailed out of his crashing plane and landed on an uncharted island.

He soon found himself surrounded by natives with spears. A big native adorned with decorations points at the pilot.

I'm screwed, says the pilot.

God opens up the clouds and says to the pilot, No, you're not screwed. Grab the closest spear and throw it through the leader's heart.

The pilot does this.

NOW you're screwed, says God.

Mama whale and Papa whale ...

... swim and look upon sailors coming towards them. The sailors are on small boats and have their spear in hand.

Papa whale says to mama whale:

-"They're hunting us, we should make bubbles and tip them over."

The mama whale agrees. They dive underneath the ships and blow so many bubbles that the ships capsize and the sailors fall into the water, but they still have their spears in their hands. Papa whale is still weary.

He says to mama whale:

-"We should eat them".

Mama whale says:

-"Listen, I agreed to the blow job, but I'm not swallowing seamen."

How do reavers clean their spears?

They put them through the Wash.

How do Reavers clean their spears?

They run them through the Wash.

(In honor of the late Shepard Book. RIP)

Cannibal Joke

A guy is walking in the forest when all of the sudden two spears are thrown at him and kill him. Two cannibals emerge from the forest and argue over the body. They go back and forth for a while over who is going to get to eat the man when they finally decide to split it. One looks at the other and says, "We'll start at opposite ends and meet in the middle, that way neither of us eats more than the other." So they proceed to eat. A while later one guy is gnawing away at the head when he asks the other guy how its going. he replies, "Oh im having a ball!" to which the other says, "Slow down you're eating too fast!"

Did you ever hear about that army from north-west France that was made up entirely of people using polearms?

Y'know. The Brittany Spears?

I was going to watch crossroads with Britney Spears

But she cancelled at the last minute.

What did Britney Spears say when she got a letter from the IRS?

"Oops, audited again"

How do Reavers clean their spears?

They send them through the Wash.

Singing French Knights

In the Middle Ages, Western France was known for it singing knights. The most famous group were a bunch of lancers from the town of Brittany. They were known as the Brittany Spears.

TIL javelins were invented in a region of northern France..

Britanny Spears.

Give me a screwdriver

Normal thing for a mechanic to say to his lackey.

Start of a sexual harrassment case for Britney Spears.

-Knock Knock.

-Who's there?
-Britney Spears.
-Britney Spears who?
-Knock knock.
-Who's there.
-Britney Spears.
-Britney Spears who?
-Oops, I did it again.

Why was Britney Spears addicted to the cocaine?

Because Kevin fed her lines

What do you call an Englishman on his knees eating pickles

Britknee Spears

What do you call Britney Spears with a brain?


What do you call a British guy who throws a spear through the knee?

Britney Spears

They should make a movie of how WW4 almost started

The sum of all spears

Three men were stranted in the middle of the ocean on a raft...

When all of a sudden they catch sight of an island that had smoke rising from it. Overjoyed, they paddle the whole way there only to find themselves surrounded by intimidating natives with spears.

The chieftain walked up to them and said, "You have two choices. The first is that we kill you. The second is that we set you free after we give you a boomshakalaka."

The first man decided on the boomshakalaka. The burliest man out of them all stepped up, bent him over and raped him savagely for 5 minutes but after he was done, they set him free and he ran off.

The second man also wanted to live so he decided to take the boomshakalaka as well. After 5 minutes he too was set free.

Having seen his two friends get raped, the third man decided that he would just get killed

So the chieftain stepped up and said "Ok. I sentence you to death... by boomshakalaka.

What's the best defense against Britney Spears?

Brooke Shields.

I dated:

britney spears

Potato Joke

Why does every potato love Britney Spears? Because if she's not a girl, not yet a woman, then she COULD be a potato.

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