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I bought some new speakers today......

I think I made a sound investment.

If you used a keyboard with built-in speakers, you would be...?


"These speakers didn't cost that much so I doubt they will work well"

"that is a cheap stereotype"

Speakers joke, "These speakers didn't cost that much so I doubt they will work well"

A recent joke from eastern Ukraine

Two friends meet, both native Russian speakers – as is everyone in this region – but one speaks Russian, and the other insists on speaking Ukrainian.

Why are you speaking Ukrainian? asks one friend. Are you afraid Ukrainian nationalists will come and kill you?

No, comes the reply. I'm afraid if Putin hears me speaking Russian, he will come to 'protect' my rights!

Best Buy's MLK Day sale

Half off all black speakers, today only

So I was listening to classical music really loudly the other day when suddenly...

My speakers Baroque.

I had the choice of big or small speakers for my car, but when I picked the bigger one, it didn't fit.

Oops, wrong sub.

Speakers joke, I had the choice of big or small speakers for my car, but when I picked the bigger one, it didn't fi

You should always buy very high end speakers

It's a sound investment

I've learned how to play Mozart, Beethoven and Bach.

Basically what I do is I turn my speakers on.

TIFU by accidentally playing music off of my neighbors speakers.

Whoops, wrong sub.

Which laptop has the most pleasant speakers?

A Dell

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My grandfather gave me some sound advice when on his deathbed...

"It's worth investing in good speakers." he said.

Why are radios cheaper in Scotland?

Because the boxes are battered and and the speakers are fried.

For all you non-native English speakers out there...

"Read" is pronounced like "lead", while "read" is pronounced like "lead".

Someone broke into my car and stole my speakers.

It was grand theft audio.

Just heard about that powerful 7.4 earthquake near Christchurch

Gotta buy a few more speakers.

Speakers joke, Just heard about that powerful 7.4 earthquake near Christchurch

Best Buy's Martin Luther King Day sale leaked

50% off all black speakers

I just met some horrible racist Mexicans

Every time I try to talk to these native speakers, all they say to me is K, K, K?

A majority of English Speakers do not know the opposite of these words...

Always, Coming, From, Take, Me, Down.

My Asian friend hooked up a computer keyboard to a bunch of speakers

I guess that's stereotyping isn't it...

English speakers yell "yes" or "yeah" when excited. Spanish speakers yell "sΓ­"....

...French speakers sound like they're going down rollercoasters.

My Grandfather gave me some sound advice once

Spend money on good speakers, he said.

Bulls on a Parade

On a hot sunny day, I went to a record store. A song was playing on the speakers. Angrily, I picked up a hammer and started banging the speaker system.
The confused owner asked, "What is this?"
I said, "Rage Against the Machine."

Why can't you connect 2 speakers at the same time to an apple device?

They work in pears.

A joke my grandfather told me as a kid.

After the passengers loaded on, the plane flew out of the airport. As they were getting airborn, an announcement came over the speakers: "Welcome to the first fully-automated flight. There are no pilots operating this plane, it's being operated entirely by a computer. Rest assured that rigorous testing has been run to ensure that the trip will be completely safe. Nothing can go wrong.
Nothing can go wrong.
Nothing can go wrong.
Nothing can go wrong..."

A black guy stole the speakers out of my car.


why are chemists bad public speakers?

because almost every element in their speech ends with um

If the French always say "hon hon" then what do Canadian French speakers say?

"Honk honk"

What language has the least number of speakers?

Sign language.

How do speakers of Dutch, English, French and Danish communicate with each other?

They speak Mumble-Saxon.

I just finished building my concrete speakers today.

It sounds solid!

What do Spanish speakers say when they find someone illegally crossing their land?

This is bad. Alexa play trespassito.

There are two types of speakers in this world

People who finish their sentences.

Band most likely to be blasted out of the speakers at your local beehive?

Pollen Oates

We should say mucho to all spanish speakers in this sub

it means a lot to them for sure.

What do English speakers yell when they're on a rollercoaster?


What do Spanish speakers yell when they're on a roller coaster?


My running coach told me to increase the volume of my runs

So I unplugged the headphones and played my music from the speakers instead.

Jumping on the bandwagon: I wanna see if this Spanish joke is as funny to English speakers.

Q. What do you call someone who speaks two languages?

A. Bilingual

Q. What do you call someone who speaks three languages?

A. Trilingual

Q. What do you call someone who speaks many languages?

A. Polyglot

Q. What do you call someone who speaks one language?

A. American

A Dutch speaker and a German speakerwalk into a bar

They get extremely drunk and then two Dutch speakers walk out

As a non-native speaker, I have to say, sorry about the bad English

That I'm about to get in replies from the native born speakers.

Boo me all you like, I just made it up.

I was at the local library trying to find a specific sound for my video project; that of a displeased audience. I was repeatedly listening to a variety of samples through the miniature speakers on the desk.

Unbeknownst to me, a lady who was sat at the desk in the next cubicle was growing irritated and she leant over,startling me, and screamed PICK A BOO!

What an odd game to play with another adult in a library.

So I did some research...

and Chinese people like listening to music on their phones with earbuds, black people like portable speakers, Mexicans prefer cheaper systems in their home with big speakers and white people like higher end but compact systems...

Sorry, I guess I shouldn't be discussing racial stereo types.

A few weeks ago I ordered a box to store my money and a set of speakers online.

They arrived today, safe and sound.

The last thing my grandfather told me was It's worth spending money on good speakers.

That was some sound advice.

My grandad gave me some sound advice as he lay on his deathbed.

It's worth spending money on good speakers, he told me.

At a corporate party…

The director of HR stood up and said If anyone has any comments or anything they'd like to say please come up to the microphone

An employee stood up and walked over. He picked up the microphone and pointed it directly at the speakers. A loud obnoxious noise screeched out and filled the room. Everyone covered their ears as he held it there. He then turned it away and handed it back to the HR director. To which the HR director said…

Thank you for your feedback.

The word Algo may not sound familiar to English speakers.

But in Spanish it really means something.

What do Spanish speakers scream on a roller-coaster?


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