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Abortion clinics should be banned

Those doctors demonstrate a complete lack of humanity. Spawn killing is a filthy tactic.

Abortion is

The most effective form of spawn camping


Abortion doctors are also called spawn campers

Spawn joke, TIL

Where do you get frog's eggs?

The spawn shop.

What do you call someone who went into a birth clinic and started shooting at everyone there?

Spawn camper.

What do you call an aborted baby

Spawn Kill

The moment USA used drones in middle east

They were spawn killing the terrorists

Spawn joke, The moment USA used drones in middle east

What a murderer do in a delivery room?

Spawn camp

A man is playing the most realistic game in the world with his wife.

He gets her pregnant in the game and she gets an abortion. She gets banned from the server for spawn killing

In the delivery room

Spawn camping

I was spawn camping the other day...

In the maternity ward.

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What do you call a newbornΒ΄s death?

Spawn kill.

I just spawned in and instantly died...

But isn't that how abortion works?

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