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What do you call a spitting vampire?


What do you call a vampire who owns a restaurant?

Count Spatula

There was a monk helping make breakfast for the monastery,

and remembered you dont have to use a spatula to flip pancakes. Next thing he knew it was out of the frying pan and onto the friar.

A man is on his deathbed and he smells chocolate chip cookies baking.

He thinks, "If I could have just one cookie, I could die a happy man." So he gets out of bed, crawls down the hall, and with his last ounce of strength, reaches up to take a fresh cookie. But his wife smacks his hand with a spatula.

He says, "Why did you do that?"

"They're for the funeral."

Which common kitchen tool would drink your blood if it could?


Wife : I'm leaving you!

Wife : I'm leaving you

Me : Why?!

Wife : You lie to me constantly!

Me : Ha! You don't just leave the man who invented the spatula, Amber!

What do you call a woman who turn straight guys into gay?


Watching Gordon Ramsay cooking videos

My mind keep telling his name is Gordon Freeman.

Like I can't differentiate a spatula and a crowbar.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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