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Top 10 Funniest Spanish Class Jokes and Puns

My Spanish teacher's husband died last week

I approached her in class and said "Mucho"

"Thanks," she said, "that means a lot."


"Oh my," she replied. "Thank you, that means so much."

"El mundo."

"Thank you so much," she said, "what you've said means the world."

I asked a Spanish class if they have good grades..

They said "si." I said, "why don't you have an A?"

My teacher gave me a bad grade on my essay, she said the ending was too unexpected .

Guess I'll never end it with the Spanish inquisition in that class ever again...

I once took a Spanish class with someone who wanted to start a bilingual train company.

Talk about a real loco motive.

My teacher yelled at me for saying "black paint."

Apparently, in Spanish class we're supposed to say "pintura negra."

Today I lost my cool, when this obnoxious, mediterranean exchange student barged into our art class. I was trying to paint the kiwi fruits we had on display for a still life. Really messed up my painting.

Nobody expects the spanish in kiwi-session.

"What did two years of Spanish classes teach you in high school?"


Spanish Class joke, "What did two years of Spanish classes teach you in high school?"

"No" means "No"

I learned that in Spanish class.

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