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Why did Elon Musk choose SpaceX to land on mars?

Because if he chose SpaceY he'd land on 14 year old boys.

Bill and Bob are having a movie night...

Bill says to Bob ''hey,go get us some kevin spacey movies.'
So Bob runs to the shop and come back 5 minutes later.
The Bill asks how many movies he got
And Bob replies

That World Series game was so long...

When it started Kevin Spacey was still a respected actor.

Spacey joke, That World Series game was so long...

I honestly believe if Kevin Spacey confesses his crimes that he can be forgiven.

As a Catholic Priest.

Last night I had a really bizarre dream that someone was crawling on me in my sleep

Maybe I was just feeling a little Spacey

Did you hear Kevin Spacey is making a prequel to 21?

It's called "Always Hit on 14"

Why was Kevin Spacey so good at Blackjack?

He knew to hit on everything under 17

Spacey joke, Why was Kevin Spacey so good at Blackjack?

Why did Kevin Spacey go to Mars?

To molest more young boys

What do Kevin Spacey and Santa Claus have in common?

They both like to empty their sacks for young boys.
(I know it's an old MJ joke)

Kevin Spacey walks into a bar

But after realizing the drinking age is 21 decides that he'd rather hang out somewhere else.

Why did Kevin Spacey go to space?

To molest young stars.

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Why does Kevin Spacey never get 1st place in races?

Because he likes to come in a little behind.

What did the man at the beach say to Kevin Spacey?

Hey, get out of my son!

What do Michael Jackson and Kevin Spacey have in common?

They were both born in the late 50s.

Why is Kevin Spacey bad at hide and seek?

He comes out at the wrong time.

I'm pretty sure that I experimented with homosexuality in college...

I'm not sue though, my memories are kind of Spacey.

Spacey joke, I'm pretty sure that I experimented with homosexuality in college...

what do kevin spacey and walmart have in common?

They both have small boys pants at half off!

Kevin Spacey is like a TV

Even a 3 year old can turn him on

I guess we know why Kevin Spacey doesn't win the Oscars race anymore...

He always comes in a little behind.

When I was 14, I attended a party in Hollywood.

I swear, someone must have slipped something into my drink because after awhile I was definitely feeling spacey.

Why doesn't Kevin Spacey win first place in marathons?

He isn't an athlete and doesn't train for marathons

Where did Kevin Spacey perform the best?


After discovering that Kevin Spacey is a sexual predator, I would be surprised to see him get any work in the future.

Unless he runs for President of the United States.

Kevin Spacey walks into a bar

and he yells "Who wants me to push in their stool?"

Why is Kevin Spacey so good at writing sad songs

Because he's great at fingering minors

For decades I've always liked Kevin Spacey

Turns out he stopped liking me decades ago

I hear the new Predator movie will star..

Kevin Spacey.

How do you make a house of cards collapse?

Just give it time and Spacey

Kevin Spacey is trying to get a new position in Vegas,...

Blackjack Dealer

Because they hit on anything under 17.

What did the woman say to Kevin Spacey on the beach?

Could you please move, you're in my son.

What do Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have in common?

The House of Cards they had built in Hollywoodland has now made them The Usual Suspects in Sin City. This was supposed to be LA Confidential but apparently they couldnt find Consenting Adults. The American Beauty of this is that they will now forever be Inglorious Basterds.

Did you know Kevin Spacey was a composer?

His most famous song is titled *Drunk Mistake* in A minor.

How To Lose Your Career in Ten Days!

Ask Kevin Spacey!

Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey walk up to a bar

The bartender asks for their IDs. They walk away and say" well I guess we're not going to find what we're looking for here."

How did Kevin Spacey find the little boy in all the Tall grass?


Kevin Spacey likes his guys like he likes his whiskey...

12 years old and in a barrel, OR 18 years old and full of coke.

There's a new drug that is guarenteed to get you molested.

The only side effect is you feel Spacey.

Did you hear Kevin Spacey is writing a song?

The entire thing is written in A minor

Bill: Ain't there someone else ya'll should be Weinstein yo' time on?

Harvey: Open bathrobes are just roomy, you know… Spacey.

Kevin: I choose to live as a gay man, so no woman can accuse me of Rattner out.

Brett: Hey, when I see a beautiful woman, I just Singer praises.

Bryan: Move along, no one gives Affleck about me.

Ben: Mine was just a little mistake. You need something at least a Sizemore.

Tom: It wasn't me! It was all Cosby drugs, man!

Why do male victims in Hollywood forget their sexual assault incidents?

They were feeling Spacey.

What do Kevin Spacey and a Tortoise have in common?

They're both trying to get somewhere before the hare does

Would you say Kevin Spacey was a Trekkie?

Or more a Space Invader?

Meeting Tom Hanks made my whole day ... [NSFW]

meeting Kevin Spacey made my hole weak.

I'll see myself out ...

Disclaimer: I met none.

It makes more sense now why Kevin Spacey helped Baby in Baby Driver

He saw a little bit of himself in Baby, figuratively and literally.

Kevin spacey got turn down to play Santa.

Apparently they didn't trust him with the naughty list.

How is Kevin Spacey like Walmart?

They both have boys pants half off.

Kevin Spacey is undergoing conversion therapy and hope to eventually have a normal marriage.

He says, "I want to have kids."

The only thing that blows over easier than that Kevin Spacey scandal...

is a house of cards.

How big is a paedophile's closet?

It's pretty spacey

TIL that after starring in 21 Kevin Spacey tried to play Blackjack professionally and lost all of his money.

Kept hitting on 17.

A pedophile, a rapist, and a gay man walks into a bar...

The bartender says, "What'll ya have, Mr. Spacey?"

There's a new drug on the market that makes teenage boys instantly gay.

The only side effect is that you feel Spacey.

What's worse than ants in your pants?

Kevin Spacey.

Why is 6 afraid of 7...

Because 7 is Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is no longer going to be an actor. He's going to teach guitar.

Be cause he's good at fingering A Minor.

Why can Kevin Spacey never win a race?

He always comes in a little behind.

Why did SpaceX go to Mars

Becuase SpaceY already went to Uranus

What do Kevin Spacey and a guitar player have in common?

They both like fingering minors.

Why did Kevin Spacey cross the road?

To prey on vulnerable young boys.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is now being investigated for sexual misconduct.

But is it really all that surprising that an astrophysicist pulled a Spacey?

What was the worst thing to come out in 2017?

Kevin Spacey

I was surprised when Kevin Spacey was arrested for assault

He's hardly your usual suspect.

It's always the usual suspects in child molestering cases.

Kevin spacey

What's the difference between Kevin Spacey and Mozart?

It's hard to get Mozart to play with A minor.

Looking back at Kevin Spacey, his role in 'House of Cards' now seems fitting

You touch one, and it all comes falling down

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because the villian in 7 was played by Kevin Spacey, and we all know he is a six offender.

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