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Why did Elon Musk choose SpaceX to land on mars?

Because if he chose SpaceY he'd land on 14 year old boys.

Elon Musk's space travel corp. decided not to fund the recent reboot of Carrie, just because they were scared...

I guess you could say it was a *Sissy SpaceX.*

Space-X just used a multi-stage propellent catapult to send a small group of cattle into low-earth orbit.

Its the first heard shot 'round the world.

Spacex joke, Space-X just used a multi-stage propellent catapult to send a small group of cattle into low-earth o

Just watched The Martian

I found it odd that NASA would commission SpaceX to make the Iris probe.

SpaceX won't be drinking Champagne tonight.

Every time they pop the cork it ends up back where it started...

SpaceX will reuse their rocket. Blue Origin will reuse their rockette. Neither is an advance.

For 83 years, Radio City has reused theirs.

In honor of the Democratic presidential candidate debate last night ...

... SpaceX decided to demonstrate that they too are feeling the bern.

Spacex joke, In honor of the Democratic presidential candidate debate last night ...

My ex-girlfriend was an astronaut.

So I guess you could say that, I've had a spacex.

What company makes the best fireworks?


BREAKING NEWS: SpaceX finally found the root cause of their rocket explosion.

Someone left their Note 7 in the cargo bay.

You know, there are 2 secret organization profiting off the election.

They're called NASA and Space-X

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Elon Musk announced today that SpaceX is no longer planning a trip to Mars

and that lucky passengers will instead be launched directly into the surface of the sun.

SpaceX announced today that they are removing the astronaut janitor position from their first manned flight to Mars

There just isn't enough room in the ship for a vacuum cleaner.

Did you hear about the new SpaceX company?

They're going into the cologne business. Elon's Musks

SpaceX to launch ten cows up into orbit

It'll be the herd shot around the world.

What's better than the mile high club?


Spacex joke, What's better than the mile high club?

What cologne do SpaceX employees wear?

Musk by Elon

People says Elon Musk's model S, 3, X is dirty, but...

So is SpaceX

Budweiser starts a collaboration with SpaceX to be the first beer on Mars

I can already see the headlines...
"Colonist discovers water on Mars!"

Why did Elon Musk choose the name SpaceX instead of SpaceY?

Because if it was SpaceY, it would have focused too much on molesting children.

How does Elon musk plan on populating mars?


I hope there aren't any sexual misconduct allegations from SpaceX...

I don't think America could handle being Elon-gated

So SpaceX is launching the Falcon Heavy Today...

Too bad it isn't carrying the stock market.

The Falcon Heavy is now the world's most powerful rocket

The Falcon Heavy can put around 140,000 pounds of cargo into lower Earth orbit, more than twice as much weight as any other operational rocket. This powerful vehicle could open up entirely new types of business for SpaceX: launching heavy national security satellites or even sending large modules or your mom into deep space.

I should of bought some SpaceX stock yesterday before the launch.

I heard it really skyrocketed.

SpaceX should definitely not be exposed

Elongate would be really drawn out.

Why did SpaceX go to Mars

Becuase SpaceY already went to Uranus

If Elon Musk made love to a woman while on his rocket to Mars...

Would that be SpaceX space sex?

What do you call the combination of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company?


Where does Elon Musk bang Grimes?

At the SpaceX headquarters, with his BFR.

What does a bully say to SpaceX?

Gimme your launch money!

How do aliens make babies?

They have SpaceX

NASA received the bill from SpaceX for sending astronauts into space and they were shocked to see that it was nearly 3 billion dollars

They phoned Elon Musk and explained that they thought SpaceX wouldn't be charging to send astronauts into space.

Elon Musk responded by saying, 'there's no such thing as a free launch'

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