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What do aliens spread on their toast?

Space jam.

Based on Lebron's acting skills, I suspect Space Jam 2...

Will be a flop.

Lebron James is going to be in Space Jam 2

It's going to be really weird when Lebron quits the Tune Squad and joins up with the Monstars midway through the movie

A joke my 4 year old nephew made up. (It makes no sense, but still made me laugh.)

If the three legged turtle crosses the road what color is the rabbit?
Green! Because Space Jam was a good movie.

What do astrounauts put in their toasts?

Space jam.

What does Michael Jordan like to put on his toast for breakfast?

Space Jam

What does a astronaut put in a sandwich?

Space Jam

What do you call an astronaut who is crushed in space?

Space Jam

What do astronauts put on their toast?

Space Jam.

What does a Astronaut that likes to play Basketball eat for Breakfast

Space Jam
I hope this hasn't been posted yet

What do astronauts like with their toast?

Space Jam

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Why didn't Chris Hadfield play guitar with the hobo?

Cause he didn't have space to jam in.

What does Micheal Jordan put on his toast?

Space Jam!

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