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What does Soylent Green taste like?

It varies from person to person.

Following the meatless hamburger craze, a German company announced that they will start making a patty made out of Soylent Green.

They insist it is made completely from Hamburgers.

Soylent Cola, the soda made from grinding up people, is said to not have a set flavor

They say the taste varies from person to person.

I get really grumpy when the work canteen has Soylent Green on the menu.

I'm really not a people person.

Trump plan to alleviate world hunger and illegal immigration . . .

. . . he's going to round up all illegal aliens and issue them Soylent Green cards

It's okay if you're not comfortable with Soylent Green yet

It grows on you.

What do Soylent Green and McDonald's have in common?

The people that eat them don't know what's in them and they're better off not knowing.

What's the quietest food you can eat?


Soylent green tastes so good

Its the sauce "to die for"

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