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Dad joke.....

Dad: what are you drinking, son?

Son: Soy Milk

Dad: Hola Milk, soy padre

My wife gave me some bad news today

"But," she said, "I bought your favorite soy sauce to help cheer you up."

"Great," I said. "Just Kikkoman when he's down, huh?"

I'm very soy for that pun. I'll just wok away now.

Father: Hey son what are you drinking?

Son: Soy-milk

Father: Hola milk, soy tu padre

Spanish Dad Joke

Dad: Son what are you drinking?

Son: Soy Milk

Dad: Hola Milk, me llamo Dad

Dad joke

**Dad:** Whaddya got there son?

**Son:** Soy milk.

**Dad:** Hola milk, soy tu padre

-What are you drinking, son?

-Soy milk.

-Hola milk, soy tu padre.

Edit : Removed the "es" that was bothering everyone

Why is soy sauce forbidden in fights?

'Cause you should never Kikkoman when he's down.

Father is talking with his son

DAD: Whaddya got there, son?
SON: Soy milk.
DAD: Hola milk, soy tu padre.

A man asks his son what he is drinking.

The son responds, "soy milk."

And the dad says, "hola leche. Me llamo Padre!"

A new study found

A new study found

that people who take their coffee black are more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits..

And people who order a quad shot, non-fat, vanilla soy, extra foam, light whip with caramel drizzle are more likely to be their victims..

I always thought soy milk...

was just introducing itself in Spanish

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What did the Spanish sauce say to the English sauce?

Soy sauce.

What's in common between the vibrator and soy

They both try to substitute meat

What did the bottle of milk say to the Mexican?

Soy milk.

What if soy milk... just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?

How does a spanish condiment identify itself?

Soy sauce

Spanish Dad Joke

A mexican father and son were at the mall and the son finally convinced his dad to try Chinese food.
"But it's so dry!" said the father.
"No it's not, they put lots of stuff on their plates," replied the son.
"Like what?" the father asked.
"Soy Sauce" he answered.
The father stared for a minute and then said, "Hola Sauce... *soy Dad*"

A man tells his wife he's not feeling well.

When she comes home from the grocery store, she brings him his favorite soy sauce to cheer him up. He says Oh, I see, Kikkoman when he's down .

I found out my husband got fired from his job today. In order to cheer him up I got him his favorite soy sauce.

He said to me

"Oh I see. Kikkoman when he's down, huh?"

soy milk

hola milk, soy papรก

If I have to hear any more jokes about soy sauce

I will Kikkoman!

Sorry, maybe I'll think of a better joke Tamari.

How did the milk introduce itself at the Spanish party?

Soy milk

Soy milk is just ordinary milk

introducing itself in Spanish.

Riddle me this

Which does not belong:

* Nipple clamps
* Soy
* Vibrator

The nipple clamps, the other two are meat substitutes.

I once asked a cheese maker if there was any way he could make me a block of cheddar using soy milk.

Hey said, "I'm sorry, but there's no whey."

Soy milk

Hola milk

Soy papa

What did the Chinese restaurant do when they ran out of soy sauce?

They cooked like there was no tamari.

How does pizza sauce introduce itself at a fiesta?

Yo no soy marinara

A man told me his strength gains came from eating soy products.

After he said this I wasn't sure whether I thought more of him, or lecithin.

I cant buy soy sauce today...

..Perhaps Tamari

Jose looked at a bottle of soy sauce

He said, "Yes you are"

A Bilingual mexican dad was getting ready for work...

...and saw his son eating some cereal, but instead of milk there was a strange milk-like substance that smelled funny.

Dad: "what've you got there, son?"

Son: "cereal with soy milk."

Dad: "Hola Milk, soy tu padre!"

What does milk in Mexico say when meeting others?

Soy Milk

Soy ice cream

Because how else would vegans know what ice cream doesn't taste like?

How does a vegan cow introduce itself in Spanish?

Soy milk

A Spanish teacher is at the grocery store-

-and as he's shopping he sees a sign exclaiming "Soy milk!"

So he stops and says, "Hola milk! Soy Ricardo!"

What music do vegan goths listen to?

Soy division

My father teaches biology and Spanish..

Him: Ok, who can tell me what these are?

Me: (Raises hand) Soy Beans!

Him: Much gusto, Beans! Me llamo Dad.


Maybe Soy Milk is just real milk introducing itself in Spanish.

What's another name for a Soy Mocha Latte?

3 bean soup

LPT: if you are lost in japan, ask for soy sauce will shoyu the way

Where do baby soy beans come from?

they come from edamames

The thing you don't know about soy milk is...

It's really just introducing itself in Spanish.
"Soy milk"

What did Senor Leche Gato say when the barista asked for his name and whether he wanted anything mixed into his coffee?

Soy Milk.

My teacher asked me to turn in my essay.

Pero no soy un rata.

How did Kikkoman soy sauce move production to China?

They outsauced it.

Why was the soy sauce early for its appointment?

It was actually Tamari

Brother asked me if the our soy sauce was low sodium.

I said NA.

I went to a Starbucks in Spain and they asked what I wanted.

I said, "Soy latte."

They said, "OK, but what do you want to drink?"

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