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The USA condemns

unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation.

What do you call a Russian sovereign with dwarfism and a taste for both men and women?

A little bizar

A man attacked and stole a battery from a Muslim sovereign.

He was charged for a-sult-an' battery.

Why are Sovereign Citizens bad at basketball?

They're always travelling and they don't recognize the court.

What did the lawyer say to the sovereign citizen when asked for legal counsel?

**Am I being retained?**
**Am I being retained?**

How many sovereign citizens does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one...they hold the light bulb and the world revolves around them.

Why do sovereign citizens never turn on the lights?

The sound of electricity triggers their PTSD.

I don't think England is sovereign at all; . . .

. . . the President wants to feel at home for his visit, they should renovate a Walmart with cages.

My friend suffered a cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, he's a sovereign citizen.

Dear Master of mockery, Sovereign of Sarcasm, Immortal of Irony, Jack of Jest, Lord of Levity, How shalt I hone my humor?

Use common words, stupid.

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