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Why is the South the best place to hide in case of zombie takeover?

Southerner zombies don't have any teeth to bite with.

Why does it take southerners so long to do their chores?

Because slavery is illegal.

A Southern lady sits down next to a Yankee businesswoman on a plane. Trying to be friendly, the Southerner asks, "So, where ya'all from?"

The Yankee sniffs in disdain and replies, "Where I'm from, we don't end our sentences in prepositions!"

The lady, a little shocked by the rudeness says, "Aight, where ya'all from, bitch?"

Southerner joke, A Southern lady sits down next to a Yankee businesswoman on a plane. Trying to be friendly, the Sout

What do Southerners have in common with peanut butter?

They are both usually in bread.

How do southerners speak of addiction recovery?

With drawl

Police: We're looking for pirates

Me (a Southerner): Y'ar?

Southerners can do pretty good civil war voice impressions....

General Lee speaking.

Southerner joke, Southerners can do pretty good civil war voice impressions....

Why are Southerners so bad at managing money?

They only talk with drawls.

How many Southerners does it take to change a light bulb?

300. One to actually change it and the rest of them to talk about how good the old one was.

What do southerners do in their free time

their sister

How does a southerner take money out of his bank account?

With drawl, of course

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What language does a Southerner use to communicate with a Mexican?


What did the weeaboo Southerner name his daughter?

Anna May

Why are Southerners most delicious to demons?

Because they're soul food.

I'm confident I'd be able to rip a phone book in half with my bare hands.

Because as a U.S. Southerner, when I fix my unsweetened tea, I open all my sweeteners at once.

What do you call it when a southerner commits treason?


Southerner joke, What do you call it when a southerner commits treason?

How do Southerners get through customs so quickly?

They do declare!

What happens when you're betrayed by a southerner?


The world unites

A Geordie bloke is stood outside his house and he sees a bloke from the next road over coming down his street "OY! What are you doing in MY street?".

Before the second man can respond another bloke from Middlesbrough appears at the other end of the street "OY!", they both shout, "what are you doing in OUR town?".

Before he has chance to respond a Londoner appears. "OY southerner!", all three shout, "what are you doing up north?".

Before he can explain a Frenchman appears. "OY! Frenchy, what are you doing in OUR country?" the four ask in unison.

Before the Frenchman has chance to reply an American appears. "OY! Yankee, what you doing on OUR continent?" all five exclaim.

Before the American can get a word out a spaceship lands in front of them and an alien gets out. Five of the six men immediately shout out "Take the Frenchy, you can probe him."

What do you call someone who hates cold weather?

A southerner

Why do southerners hate orgies?

Too many thank you notes.

What do you call it when a southerner backstabs you?


Southerners are so racist...

Even their bleach is still "whites only."

As a Southerner, I can tell you: the girls down here have no dreams

They do have drames, though. Boy I tell you, they's got some drames.

So you southerners got ya a new president eh?

Seems like the tables have turned.

Where does a homosexual Southerner live?

In dick-sea land

What do the song "Dixie Chicken" and a Klansman have in common?

You would refer to both as a Fowl(/ul) Southerner.

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