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I tried to buy a Mortal Kombat soundtrack.

All I could find were Finnish Hymns.

When my wife threatened a divorce because of my obsession with the Shrek soundtrack, I thought she was joking.

But then I saw her face

If a tree falls in the woods....

.....and no one is around to hear it.

Will a hipster buy the soundtrack?

Soundtrack joke, If a tree falls in the woods....

Me to my therapist: I have a fear of the Grease soundtrack

Therapist: Tell me more, tell me more.

Me: Aaaaaaaahh-

Therapist: Keep talking, boy keep talking!


Rhianna is writing the soundtrack for the new Lilo and Stitch movie

It's about how Stitch develops a gambling problem


80s rock fan and popular assassination target Kim Jong Un recently stipulated the soundtrack for his funeral...

... Journey - Don't Stop Bereaving.

What was the title of the soundtrack to 'The Inconvenient Truth'?

Al Gore Rhythms

Soundtrack joke, What was the title of the soundtrack to 'The Inconvenient Truth'?

What does the soundtrack of An Inconvenient Truth have in common with solving a Rubik's Cube?


Where did they record the Inception soundtrack?


Last night I tried having sex to Undertale's Soundtrack...

...but nobody came.

If Taylor Swift wrote a song about being "Thankful for her Exes"

It would be as long as a movie soundtrack. Because she has so many exes.

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Kristen Bell sings 'Frozen' songs to evacuees

I would have chosen "Gone with the Wind" soundtrack

What do you call a movie soundtrack that was made on drugs?

A high score.

Hans Zimmer was inspired by one composer in particular when writing the Inception soundtrack...


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