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Comedian Jeff Dunham has been accused of sexual assault

After allegations from his coworkers saying that he's been fisting them for decades.

Just look up his Youtube channel if you want to see evidence of this abuse. Millions have just sat by and watched while these poor souls suffered through tremendous pain right in-front of them.

Did you hear about the plane that crashed on the way to the ginger convention?

Thankfully there were no souls on board.

Did you hear about the shoe factory that was destroyed?

They lost 500 souls!

Souls joke, Did you hear about the shoe factory that was destroyed?

Why aren't gingers allowed in shoe stores?

.... Because they steal all the souls.

A lawyer is meeting the devil to make a deal

... and says, "Alright, I want to win my next 10 cases in a row, for settlements of no less than $1 million!"

The Devil replies, "Ok mister lawyer, but in return, I demand the souls of your wife and child for 1000 years!"

The lawyer scratches his head and says, "I don't get it, where's the catch?"

From my dad.

I heard Kia has been working with the devil...

They've been selling their Souls.

Did you hear about the fire at the shoe factory?

Thousands of souls were lost

Souls joke, Did you hear about the fire at the shoe factory?

I learned from 'The Exorcist'

That when it comes to souls, possession is 9/10 of the law.

Changed slightly from a comment made by /u/boobiesucker

Vampires are lost souls cause they can't just stop one day and look in the mirror and be like "What am I doing with my life."

Why don't ghosts like rainy days?

Because it dampens their souls!!!!

In Catholicism, souls have mass.

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What do you call the Moon spirit that at once sits upon a lake of glowing jade and exists nestled within our divine souls?

Altha'or syzygena

Goth people wear black to reflect the color of their souls...

Except ginger goths. They go naked.

I went to buy Dark Souls III..

It was souled out... ... ...

I've recently started to play Dark Souls III

It only took me 2 hours to beat the torturial.

What does death use to harvest souls during the summer?

A pop-sickle

Souls joke, What does death use to harvest souls during the summer?

Why is the Swedish football team so good?

They sold their souls to zlatan

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are actually the souls of aborted kids

That explains Captain Hook

My old Dark Souls "joke".

Don't you guys find it funny, how Lord Gwyn both failed and succeded in keeping Priscilla out of the picture?


After having died, a couple souls flied to the heaven gate, St.Pierre opened the door and informed that for one time of unfaithfulness to each other in their life they will be prod by a needle.
After being prod 5 times, the wife turned to ST.Poerre and asked:
Where is my husband?
He is lying on the sewing-machine table St.Pierre replied.

North Koreans are huge Dark Souls fans

They spend all their time praisin' the son.

Musicians are lauded for baring their souls to the world...

...but Kurt Cobain bared his brains, too.

What does a Dark Souls player say when they meet someone?

ΒΏHola, como Estus?

Vampires and red heads are kind of the same thing?

(I'm a ranga) we're pale, we fear the sun, we eat human souls and I'm sure I'd die if someone steaked me haha

Why do ghosts hit people with shoes?

To slap the souls out of them

Where do the souls of evil dentists go when they die?


If cows say "moo" and ghosts say "boo", what does the ghost of a cow say?

Nothing. Cows don't have souls.

They say 1,500 souls died when the Titanic sunk...

But there were about a hundred gingers so it's more like 1,400 souls

God knows how many souls could have been saved ..

If the demonic possession hasn't been so often misdiagnosed for brain damage ...

What do you call a Dark Souls fan who has stayed up too long and has been too tired to play properly for the past hour?

Sleepy Hollow.

Why does satan only eat the souls of the innocent?

Because the souls of the guilty have gone bad.

What do you call it when somebody steals a dark souls meme?

A Riposte.

A Plane Full Of Ugly People Crashes

A plane full of ugly people crashes and everyone on board dies. The peoples' souls then go to heaven, where they are greeted by God at the gate. God tells them that he will grant each person one wish. The first person says, I want to be beautiful . God snapped his fingers and it happened. Then the second person wished for the same thing. This continues as each person in line wishes to be beautiful. God notices the last man in line laughing hysterically. When it came to be the man's turn he laughed and said, I wish all those people were ugly again.

Chaplain asked us if we know how to save our souls

"Walk on your heels"

I'm confused by the tributes to Aretha Franklin

I thought Freddie Mercury was the queen of our souls..

Why can't any of the Weasleys make a horcrux?

Because gingers don't have souls to split

When I was young, I always thought the feet were the first part of a person to go to heaven

First, because they're called the "souls" of your feet. Second, I once walked into my parents' bedroom and saw my dad holding my mom down on the bed. Her feet were in the air and she was screaming "Oh God I'm coming!"

A little trip to Heaven

You know, I just came back from the dead. Well, they kicked me out, but that's a different story. The one thing I can tell you about heaven is that there are no windows in any of the houses.

Why, you ask?

Apparently, when Jobs died and went up there, he was put in charge of all advancements. So he replaced all windows with apple products. When asked why it was allowed, I was told that it's because the *i(s) are the windows to the souls*

What can religious people and atheists agree on?

Gingers don't have souls.

did you hear about the rpg shoes

they had dark souls

A lawyer was working in his office when Satan appeared. "I can make it so you win every case in your career and make huge piles of money. In exchange you will give me your soul, your wife's soul, your children's souls, your parent's souls, your grandparent's souls and the souls of all your friends!"

The lawyer thought it over for a moment and then asked, "What's the catch?"

Who collects the souls of people who die while fixing things?

The Grim Repair.

Satan challenges God to a basketball game, so God puts together a choice team from heaven and goes down to hell.

When they come back to heaven, it's with shocking news: they lost the game 52 to 140!

The Virgin Mary is stunned, "How could you possibly lose the game with a team like yours?! Didn't you have the best saints, the most generous souls, the philanthropists and Jesus himself??"

"Yes," fumes God, "it turns out they're all terrible at receiving."

You know I actually haven't died a single time in ANY of the dark souls games

Granted I've never played them

4 catholic priests are sharing a private compartment on a train

They decided to confess their biggest flaw to each other.

The first priest confesses that he spends most of the church money on booze.

The second priest explains that he blows the church collection betting on horses.

The third priest confesses that he spends the church takings on drugs.

They have opened their souls and revealed their deepest secrets. They look to the last priest and he says "I am a gossip and I can't wait to get off this train".

A young boy and his father are looking up at the night sky

The young boy gazes in amazement and then turns to his father.

Dad, where do you think we go when we die?

I believe that when we die our souls join the stars, son.

I've always heard that the afterlife is a gift that not everyone gets.

I'm not sure if it's a gift, but it's definitely a constellation prize.

I think my neighbor is a demon. He bought a bunch of Kia's.

I think he is collecting Souls.

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