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There once was an old mystic

He was too poor to afford shoes, so he often had sores on his feet, and since he was old, he could easily break his bones if he was not careful. He also had a very bad diet, so his breath smelt terrible.

I guess you could say he was a....

**Super Calloused Fragile Mystic Hexed with Halitosis**

Florida man contracts herpes while checking his birthday prostitute's mouth for sores

As meemum used to say, "you shouldn't look gift whores in the mouth"

I don't use condoms.

They irritate my sores.

Did you hear about the new operating system for people with herpes?

It's all open sores.

I don't wear condoms....

they irritate my sores.

In the US, the number one cause of cold sores is...

Women hiding the fact they have herpes

What do you get when you give a computer programmer an aggressive dermal viral infection?

Open sores.

Basic Foods

My girlfriend has been getting canker sores, so she went to the doctor. The doctor said," Have you been eating many acidic foods lately?" She said," Yes I've been eating a fair amount of tangerines everyday." The doctor replied," I recommend more basic foods in your diet. Try to have at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte a day."

A leper walks into a restaurant

He sits down to have dinner. His oozing sores and appearance make him nervous. He later notices a woman look at him and throw up. He walks over to apologize for his appearance ruining her dinner. She says "oh, it's not you. It's the guy behind you dipping his shrimp in your neck."

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