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Courtesy of my youngest child - why didn't Elsa see a doctor for her sore throat and cough?

Because a cold never bothered her anyway.

My youngest son thought of this all by himself...he's a 38-year-old lawyer in Nebraska.

A man has a sore throat and goes to the doctor...

Doctor: "Your tonsils gotta come out."

Patient: "I want a second opinion!"

Doctor: "Okay, I don't like your haircut."

It hurts me to say this...

I have a sore throat

BJ for Sore Throat

"You don't look so good today, Bambi," said Barbie.

"You're right," said Bambi. "I feel like I'm coming down with something. My throat really hurts."

Barbie suggested, "You know, whenever I have a sore throat I give my husband oral sex and the next day I feel great."

Bambi carefully considered this. The next day Barbie noticed that Bambi looked better.

"You look much better today. Did you take my suggestion?"

Bambi replied, "I sure did. It worked great. And your husband just couldn't believe that it was your idea!"

Got accosted by a bunch of guys proclaiming the end is nigh…

First one was positive for covid, the second one had laryngitis, next one a smoker's cough and the last one had a sore throat…

I think they were the Four hoarse men of the apocalypse.

I took ivermectin for a sore throat

Because my doctor said only take it if I'm a little horse.

[NSFW] "You don't sound so well today", a woman told her business partner.

"I have a sore throat", the partner responded.
"I have the best cure", the first said. "Each time I have a sore throat I blow my husband and immediately feel better."
The next day the partner walks into work with a smile on her face.
"Did you do what I suggested?", the first asked.
"Yes, and thanks for the tip", the second said.
"Your husband couldn't believe it was your idea!"

It's hurts for me to say this...

But I have a sore throat.

A doctor goes to confession...

"Forgive me father for I have sinned."

The priest replies, "Tell me your sins my child."

The doctor says, "I slept with five of my patients. I know it was wrong, not mention unethical. Since it happened, I've barely been able to sleep and I have no appetite. I feel so guilty."

The priest consoles him saying, "You must learn to forgive yourself."

The man replies, "But how can I? How can I return from this sin?"

The priest says, "You're not the first doctor to sleep with a patient and you won't be last."

The man nods in consent while the priest absolves him. As they exit the confessional, the priest looks at the doctor and says, "I hate to ask, but seeing as you're a doctor, do you think that you could take a look at my throat, it's been sore for days."

The man replies, "I'd love to father, but I'm not that type of doctor. I'm a veterinarian."

The gift.

Knowing that the minister had a very sore throat, an elderly woman presented him with a bottle of cherry brandy.

"This is quite soothing, the woman said, "but please don't tell anyone I gave you liquor. Everyone thinks I am teetotaler."

"I understand," replied the good man.

When the church magazine came out a few days later, the congregant skimmed the "With Appreciation" column. There she read: "The minister extends his thanks to Mrs. Alice Rodgers for her gift of fruit and the spirit in which it was given."

What do you call a pony with a sore throat?

A little hoarse

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A man got a sore throat and goes to a doctor's house

He knocks on the door and the doctor's wife opens the door "is the doctor home?" He asks whispering because of his throat. The wife looks outside, sees no one and whispers "No, he's not. Come in".

I saw a pink bird with a sore throat.

Must have been a phlegmingo.

Did you hear about the pony with a sore throat?

He was diagnosed a little horse.

Thank you.... you're a great crowd.

Did you hear about the pony with the sore throat?

He was a little hoarse

A man walks into the Doctor's

"Doctor, Doctor! I've got a sore throat."

The doctor goes,
"I know how to fix this, stand by the window and stick your tongue out."

The man complies and stands by the window for a good 5 to 10 minutes sticking his tongue out before he can't stand it anymore.

"Doctor, this seems ridiculous, are you sure it's going to help my sore throat?"

"No, I just don't like the man across the road."

So a centaur walks into a bar

The bartender says, "Hey, how's the sore throat?"

The centaur replies, "My throat isn't horse but my legs are."

A group of horses was making fun of a miniature horse who sounded weird because he had a sore throat.

One of the horses felt bad for the little guy, and said to his friends, "Leave him alone, he's just a little hoarse."

Why Do Ranchers Love Getting A Sore Throat?

Because they always get a little hoarse

The sore throat

Carl, a young man, woke up and suffered from an awful sore throat and all but lost his voice. The small town's doctor operated out of his own home, so Carl made his way over, scratching at his sore throat.

Dr. Wendell's wife answered the door, "Yes?"
Carl, in a very quiet, breathy voice replied, "Is the doctor in?"
Mrs. Wendell replied in the same whispering tone, "No.... come on in!"

*-Groucho Marx*

Q: What did the pony say when he had a sore throat?
A: Sorry, I'm a little horse.

A friend of mine died from a sore throat...

... Th**e**y hung him!

What's small, orange and sounds like a parrot?

An oompa loompa with a sore throat.

Steve Bannon called in sick today

"Sore throat? "Kellyanne Asked.

Bannon replied: "It's Mein Cough"

A man goes to the doctor with a sore throat.

"Doctor, I feel like a pony!"

"Don't worry," says the doctors, "it sounds to me like you're just a little hoarse"

What do you call a vegetable with a sore throat?

A horse radish.

What do you call equine prostitute with sore throats?

Hoarse horse whores

What do you call a berry with a sore throat?

A raspberry!

What is worse then a centipede with sore feet?

A giraffe with a sore throat

My throat has been sore ever since I ate that tin of beef.

I think it felt a little horse. Thank you. Tip your waitress.

If a giraffe had a sore throat, how many lozenges would it need to make it better?

Sadie and Myrtle are chatting over coffee.

Sadie: Oy, I have a sore throat.
Myrtle: Whenever I get a sore throat, I suck on a lifesaver.
Sadie: Easy for you, you live near the beach.

What is sex like?

Sex is like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs, twists and turns... and someone's throat is always sore afterwards

What do you call a movie about Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly get sore throats?

Strep Brothers

What does a sore throat and a pony have in common

They're both a little horse

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