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My favorite joke from The Sopranos

A man comes home with a bouquet of flowers for his wife. "What? Do you expect me to spread my legs for you now?" says the wife. The husband replies, "honey, I love you, but i think a vase will work just fine."

Credit to Uncle Jun.

How many sopranos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Six - one to try and reach the socket, and the other five to stand around saying that its too high for her.

A Chinese man goes to see an eye doctor (Racist)

After the examination, the doctor says "You have a cataract."

The Chinese guy replies, "No, I have a Rincoln Continentar."

Courtesy of Junior in the Sopranos

Sopranos joke, A Chinese man goes to see an eye doctor (Racist)

Racist joke I heard from The Sopranos

A Chinese man walks into the eye doctors

The doctor said I know why you have trouble seeing, you have a cataract.

The Chinese man said No, I drive a Lincoln.

HBO just announced the title of the sequel series to The Sopranos

The Altos

If your nose runs and your feet smell...

You might be upside down.

Heard from "The Sopranos"

How many sopranos does it take to fix a light bulb?

One. She holds the light bulb, then the world revolves around her!

Sopranos joke, How many sopranos does it take to fix a light bulb?

A Chinaman visits an optometrist

A chinaman goes to see an optometrist because he is having trouble seeing.

Optometrist: "You have a catarac"

Chinaman: "No, I have a rincorn continenar"

Credit to Junior from The Sopranos... and yes I know the spelling is off, but it sounds better when I read it like this.

I always see gay guys looking at the birds in the local pet store. I wondered why, but then I realized...

...hey, I'm sure they'd love a cockatoo.
(I just made this joke up after watching 15 episodes of The Sopranos and thinking in the New Jersey Italian-American, whatever you want to call it, accent.)

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