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My wife told me she's having an affair

I said "well, actually I am too."

She said "it's with your best friend, John"


A Chinese man stumbles home late one night really drunk...

Seeing his wife at the top of the stairs he says "hey baby how about a little number 69!"

The wife replies, "you drunk sonofabitch, make your own Mongolian Beef Stew!"

A blonde goes to the doctors and both of her ears are red...

The doctor asked her what had had happened to her ears?
She replies, "I was ironing a shirt and the phone rang - but instead of picking up the phone I accidentally picked up the iron and stuck it to my ear."
"Oh Dear!" the doctor exclaimed in disbelief. "But, what happened to your other ear?"
"The son-of-a-bitch called back."

An American, Englishman, and an Irishman all have mugs of beer in front of them.

It's discovered that all three mugs each have one housefly in them. The American takes the fly out and drinks his beer. The Englishman explains the situation to the bartender and asks for a new beer. The Irishman picks the fly up by its wings and goes, "Spit it out, ya sonofabitch!"

"That 'Hanglider' bird is a tough sonofabitch..."

"... I had to shoot it 5 times before he let the man go"

A three-legged dog sits down at the bar

Orders a whiskey. Bartender asks,"What brings you to these parts?"

Dog responds,"Lookin for the sonofabitch who shot my paw.'

In response to the "How do you starve a black person" joke. I like my coffee like I like my slaves.

Free, you racist son-of-a-bitch!

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