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Whats the difference between a porsche and an erection?

I dont have a porsche.

(Best told by whispering in someones ear.)

If you ever feel worthless, just remember

It's someones job to install blinkers on BMW's

My wife yelled to me from upstairs.

Wife: "Do yo ever get a shooting pain across your body,

like someones got a voodoo doll of you and the're stabbing it.?"

Me: "No.. why."

Wife:. "How about now.?"

Someones joke, My wife yelled to me from upstairs.

I was walking home and saw some drunk guy trying to steal someones gate...

I was gonna say something, but I din't want him to take a fence.

I crashed into the back of someones car on the way home from work...

I got out to check the damage and a midget jumped out of the drivers seat shouting,

"I'm not happy!"

I took one look and replied,

"well which one are you then?"

Its been that long, the last time i was someones type..

I was donating blood.

How do you tell if someones a pilot?

Don't worry they'll tell you

Someones joke, How do you tell if someones a pilot?

What do you call spaghetti that steals someones identity?

An impasta

A man throws up a cow pat and goes to the doctor

Doctor: "I can't seem to figure out the issue so I'll give you some shots just be on the safe side"

Man: "No! Those things make you sick and allow the government to insert tracking chips!"

Doctor: "Who told you this?"

Man: "My wife"

Doctor: "Tell me, does your wife make all your meals?"

Man: "Yeah, she does"

Doctor: "I've worked out your problem. Someones been feeding you bullshit"

If you ever feel your job is pointless, just remember

It's someones job at BMW to fit indicators

Hockey is the only place where

Waving your stick in someones face will get you the box.

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How to foil someones plan

(pl)(an) = pa + pn + la + ln

Why do people say love is like chemistry?

Because you can put it in someones drink

I saw a telephone wire starting to fall on someones car the other day on my way home from work but I don't think they noticed

They would be in for a shock

How do you ruin someones peaceful thoughts?


I've never understood picky eaters...

you won't eat a tomato but you'll put someones unwashed genitals in your mouth.

Someones joke, I've never understood picky eaters...

What's it called when three Mexicans break into someones property?


What's going through someones head after they get shot in the last few seconds right before they die?

The bullet.

How do you break into someones house on Thanksgiving?

Use a Turkey.

Do you know why apple changed touch id with face id?

Because its harder to chop someones head than to chop their fingers.

How does an Australian compliment someones vision?

They say good day.

What is something people do in America that is a joke, but is a death sentence in Africa?

Throw water in someones face.

If you ever feel scared that someones watching you...

Don't worry, i'm right under your bed if you need someone to talk to.

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