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Somalis at the Olympics...

The Somalian Olympic Committee issued an official apology earlier in the week, after realising that sailing and shooting are separate events.

It's international pirate day...

...but I don't know Somali.

A Somali girl found a chickpea and ate it..

..her family disowned her they thought she was pregnant.

Somali joke, A Somali girl found a chickpea and ate it..

What do you call the booty that Somali Pirates steal wherever the go?


So I've to board my submarine off the coast of the Seychelles and monitor the Somali pirates as they sail around the coast of Mogadishu.

This is my latest submission.

Have you guys ever tried Somali food ?

Neither have they

Have you ever seen a Somalian Thanksgiving?

Neither have they.

Somali joke, Have you ever seen a Somalian Thanksgiving?

Have you ever had Somalian food?

Neither have they.

A Romanian, a Jew and a Somali are sitting under a tree.

A Romanian, a Jew and a Somali are sitting under a tree. A caterpillar gets on the Romanian's shoulder.

The Romanian throws the caterpillar at the Jew, the Jew throws the caterpillar at the Somali, the Somali picks up the caterpillar and eats it.

Another caterpillar gets on the Romanian, the Romanian throws it at the Jew, the Jew picks it up and asks the Somali: "Do you want to buy a caterpillar?"

The head of the 2016 Somali Olympic squad has apologized to officials on behalf of their team...

...after realizing shooting and sailing were two separate events.

The Somalian Olympics team has just apologised

The Somalian Olympics Team has just apologised to the Olympic Committee after realising that sailing and shooting were 2 separate events!!

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We usually think of pirates being all smiley.

Turns out they're all Somali.

What's worse than being a tanning salon owner in Africa?

Being a Somali Uber driver in Columbus, Ohio.

Who hasn't had Somalian food?

Somalian children

A Somali...

an Egyptian and a Saudi are asked "What is your opinion of eating meat?" The Somali said, "What is eating?" The Egyptian said, "What is meat?" And the Saudi said, "What is an opinion?"

My Somalian tailor is offering specials right now.

For $5 he'll sew up the hole in your pants, and for $10 he'll sew up the hole in your daughter!

Somali joke, My Somalian tailor is offering specials right now.

A Somalian general decides to make a pro military add, the first thing he says is


Why does a Somalian baby cry?

It's having a mid life crisis.

I apologize for nothing.

What do you call a Somali Islamist?

A Salami.

Why aren't Somalians going to the movies?

They can't keep their chair down

What's the difference between an al-Shabab camp and a Somali wedding?

Don't ask me I just fly the drone.

How does a Somali couple celebrate their child's first birthday?

by putting flowers on his grave

Happy talk like a pirate day!

Now where do I learn Somali at?

Somalian women were rated the hottest out of any country...

They're all pirates, of course they have the most booty.

I'm a modern day pirate

So where do I learn my Somali at

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