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Why does Kylo Ren have no friends?

Because his whole life he's Ben Solo

Why does Kylo Ren never get girls?

Because for most of his life he's Ben Solo

Yodas Logic

Han Solo: Yoda are we going the right way?

Yoda: Offcourse we are

The Millenium Falcon is taking off...

Han Solo asks C3PO to give him a countdown, and C3PO says..


Han interrupts him and asks what the heck he's doing.

C3 says "You told me to never tell you the odds"

What do you call flying solo in the mile high club?

A Hijacking.

Why did Boba Fett work alone?

Because he was hunting Solo.

Kylo Ren: I've always hated being an only child

Han: You're not an only child. You're a Solo child.

How does Kylo Ren celebrate Father's Day?


My sex life is just like star wars:

Its either Han Solo,

or i have to use the force.

Why did Harrison Ford Crash his plane?

because he was flying solo and went look no hans...

Why does Kylo Ren have a hard time making friends?

Because for most of his life, he's Ben Solo.

What's the loneliest drink?

I dunno but its in a solo cup.

Did you see Kylo Ren at his recital?

I heard he killed the solo.

Rey: It's not to late Kylo, come with me.

Kylo: Sorry Rey, but I've always Ben Solo

Her name was Carmen...

Carmen is invited to a party, and decides to go solo. Once there, she quickly discovers she doesn't know anyone, and moves to the bar to grab a drink. Scoping out the partiers in the hopes of finding someone she knows, she spots a good looking young man in the corner, also all alone. She approaches him and introduces herself. "Hi, I'm Carmen".

"What a beautiful name," he says. "Is that a family name?"

"No, it's simply the combination of the two things I like most," she say, "Cars and men. Carmen. What's your name?"

And he says "Well, if that's the case, my name is BJ. BJ Titsengolf."

"You must be an engineer"

A man is flying solo in a hot air balloon and he discovers that he is lost. He lowers altitude until he can see a guy walking through a field.

He says to the guy, "Hey, where am I"?
The guy replies, "You are in a hot air balloon about 8 feet above farmer Jack's field."
The balloon guy says, "You must be an engineer. Because you correctly answered my question but it was completely unhelpful for my situation.
The guy on the ground says, "You are right I am an engineer. And you must be a manager. Because I gave you exactly the information that you asked for and yet somehow I am now to blame for your negligent situation."

Han Solo ordered a steak in the shape of a Wookie.

He sent it back to the kitchen because it was a little chewy.

Hear about Harrison Fords plane crash?

I guess he shouldn't have been.....
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Flying solo.

Watching Solo die was my favorite part of The Force Awakens....

Han's down.

How does Kylo Ren spend Father's Day?


Bass Solo

A couple goes to see a marriage counselor. They say their marriage is on the rocks because they never speak to each other.

The counselor tries to get them to talk, but they just sit there with their arms folded and their mouths closed. He tries playing games. He tries tricking them. Nothing he can do can get them to talk to each other.

Finally, he pulls out an electric bass and starts playing a solo.

Instantly, the couple turns to each other and starts conversing for the first time in months.

How on earth did you know that would work? they ask.

Simple, he says, Everyone always talks during the bass solo.

What is it called when Kylo Ren masturbates?

A Ben Solo.

What's a Star Wars fan's favorite sex position?

Hand Solo

I hate all 1970's female solo artists

What a bunch of pre-madonnas

What's Princess Leia's favourite song?

Riding solo - Jason Derulo

So I was playing Golf toady.

I was solo and decided just to get partnered up at the Club house. After a little bit I was partnered with this fairly lovely lady. We went out playing and started chatting it up. We were laughing and talking and finding out we have a lot in common. though all the fun though we were not actually playing very well. By the time we got to the 18th hole we both had pretty difficult putts ( I was 25 feet on a bad lie and she was slightly closer on the same lie )

I had been enjoying my time with her so much I made her a deal. I told her if I made the putt I would take her out to dinner ( if she didn't mind ) at one of the best restaurants on the island. I lined up and hit the ball after a tense moment the ball passed the cup but stopped and rolled back dropping in.

I guess she didn't want to be out done, so she turns to me and says. " If I make this putt, after dinner I will invite you back to my place for drinks. We can relax in my hot tub and drink Champagne and see what happens from there, but only if I make this putt."

Hearing her proposal I quickly walk up to her and ask her to let me help her line up the putt. She agrees. So I walk up to her ball bending down and pick it up, then handing it back to her. She looks at me and asks me what am I doing? I look back at her with a straight face and tell her " That's a gimmie if I ever saw one "

How does Han Solo like his is Tauntaun steaks?

Chewie and Luke-warm

Did you hear Han Solo will be running next years London Marathon?

He says he reckons he'll be able to finish in less than 26 miles

[Dirty] How does Leia spend Father's Day?

Riding Solo

Blind man walks into a bar..

He sits down, pint for him, shandy for the dog. The bar man asks him "So fella, what ya been up to recently?"

"Skydiving" said the blind man.

"Skydiving?!" said the barman astonished "How long have you been doing that now?"

"A few months now, did my first solo jump there last weekend."

"That's amazing." said the barman still astonished, "Tell me this though, how do you know you're getting near the ground?"

"Oh that's easy." says the blind man. "I wait for the dog's lead to go slack."

After Luke Skywalker found out Princess Leia was his sister...

He became best friends with hand solo.

The 2018 STAR WARS movie isn't part of a trilogy...'s a Solo film

I discovered a Star Wars themed sex technique...

I call it the Hands Solo

Ill be spending this Valentines day like Han.


What do you call masturbation in the Star Wars universe?

A hand solo

A man was preparing for his first solo flight over the wilds of Alaska.....

And during the pre-flight check, he pulled out the emergency kit and opened it. Inside he found just a single deck of cards and nothing else.

Turning to the old grizzled flying vet, he asks "Hey bud, sorry to seem concerned but why does the emergency kit only contain a deck of cards?"

The vet laugh heartily at the question. He answers "That's all you'll ever need here in the wild!"

Confused and growing concerned, the pilot asks "Don't....don't we need a gun, matches, fire starter, bullets and water to survive?"

The vet looks at him as replies "No man. If you ever crash, just pull out the deck of cards and start playing solitaire. Eventually someone will show up and tell you that you're playing it wrong."

Wow, they finally made a movie about my sex life!


Why did Princess Leia refuse a threesome ?

Because she preferred Han SOLO.

All of my sexual escapades are like a big budget Star Wars movie


What do you call a woman who's good at both cheese-making and singing?

Medusa - she does a killer gorgon solo.

Why is Kylo Ren always so angry?

Because he's Ben Solo all his life.

My neighbor is so inconsiderate!

He came pounding on my front door at 4am.

Thankfully I was already awake practicing my drum solo, but very rude!

I'm a fan of Star Wars.

So at lunch I saved my pork for last so I could have Ham Solo.

Why did Han go out Black Friday shopping.?

... because the prices were Solo

"I do." "I know."

The priest cleared his throat disapprovingly:

"Mister Solo, you need to say the words so we can end the ceremony."

In a way, Han Solo was a bit like a modern Icarus.

They both got too close to the son.

Have you heard about the music stores percussion sale?

Their prices can't be beat

Have you heard about their guitar sale?

The prices are solo

What is Chewbacca's least favorite font?

Sans Solo.

What happened to Han when Chewie wouldn't do the marathon?

He Ran Solo...

Why is Kylo Ren always so angry?

He's Ben Solo too long.

Did you know Han Solo had an employment agency?

Han Jobs

What do you get when you perform a bad vocal solo to a crowd of mosquitoes?


Disney really gets the Star Wars fanbase...

After 3 movies, our expectations are now Solo...

Golf joke

Golfer decides to have a drink after a solo round of golf and heads in to the clubhouse.

Golfer [panting]: I'm spent. I just played 18 holes.

Gay bartender: Amateur.

A spill

While doing a lab experiment I was listening to music by a band who's bassist was a known drug abuser. During his solo, I slipped on some spilled vinegar & lost my grip on a beaker full of sodium hydroxide.
Looks like while he was tripping on acid dropping the bass, I was tripping on acid dropping the base

(Warning:lame music joke. I just came back from a classicical music concert) Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the oboe solo.

What did Yoda said to Princess Lea after separating with Han Solo

" May divorce be with you "

Why did Luke Skywalker never marry?

Because he was busy riding Solo

What do you call a inter galactic smuggler with a masturbation addiction?

Hand Solo.

I just saw Star Wars Solo, a 250 million dollars movie, and thought:

Wow, it's so expensive to bore me.

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